Bordelle's High-Fashion, S&M Outerwear-Meets-Underwear Collection: Tacky or Sexy?

We're all about the underwear-as-outerwear trend...garter straps, sheer fabrics, little vintage slips...bring it on! But when we saw London-based "Bodywear" line Bordelle's high fashion underwear-cum-outerwear, we found ourselves irrevocably yet inexplicably drawn. Not only were the fetishistic, perverse pieces used throughout Britney Spears' Circus tour—which says enough all on its own—but many of the pieces straddle (hah) that fine line between sexy and overt sex (in that Peepshow-in-the-back sort of way). We can't quite make up our mind if we would wear that bodysuit with the cut-out bondage-esque straps, or the miniskirt with trompe l'oeil garter detail...would you? (Cyana Trend Land)