Fit Lust: I Work Out In A Thong

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My entire life is basically one massive fitness bender. I test out new classes, apparel, and gear like it's my job (actually, it is) — which is how this weekly column was born. People always ask me which workout stuff is really worth it, so here’s what I absolutely can’t exercise without.
This Week: Workout Underwear
My Pick: Moving Comfort Out-Of-Sight Thong
There is a sect of exercisers who prefer going commando when working out — I'm not part of that group. And, up until recently, I was fine training in regular underwear (despite some unfortunate chafing after running a half-marathon in a lace thong). Ultimately, my normal pairs of panties did their job (adding a layer of protection between my skin and my garments) regardless of whether or not I was breaking a sweat. I do prefer a thong style, though — because spandex is tight and I don't want visible lines. Plus, hipsters and briefs always seem to bunch weirdly during my high-intensity workouts, causing me to attempt (and fail at) a "graceful," mid-routine adjustment.
But, last year, while attending fitness events and collection previews, I noticed that big brands were producing underwear that's specifically made for working out. It makes sense; your crotch is a high-sweat area, so why not design comfortable underwear out of the same high-performing, sweat-wicking fabric used for workout tanks and leggings?
I started testing a few different pairs of "fitness" underwear and most were fine, but there was always something about the fit that didn't feel quite right or was unflattering — so I'd revert back to my normal, lacy pairs. Then, I tried Moving Comfort's Out-Of-Sight Thong. The lightweight fabric is soft, and doesn't get soaked when you get sweaty. There's no tag, and the design is seamless where it counts.
I've worn these undies for running, indoor cycling, boot camp, and yoga — and I haven't had any bunching, squeezing, or chafing yet. In fact, I forget they're even on, which I guess is the entire point.

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