15 Awesome Travel Bags That Won't Break Your Back

Between long lines and weather delays, jetting off around the holidays can be wrinkle-inducing. While your travel experience undoubtedly won't be 100% perfect, a great suitcase that's functional and stylish can at least help streamline the process a bit. Go ahead and un-furrow those brows: We've rounded up 15 duffels, rollers, and carry-ons to replace your dingy old set. A better airport experience? It's in the bag.
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Use for a quick trip and as a gym bag when resolution time rolls around.
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This will pack your entire life.
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Fits perfectly with any travel outfit and seamlessly into an overhead bin, too.
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It may be more expensive than your actual vacation, but hey, it'll last a lifetime.
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Art on the go.
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If you're prone to saying "Air travel just isn't what it used to be."
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For that last-minute ski getaway.
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A little bit preppy, and a lot cool.
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Indelicate luggage handlers have met their match.
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Your gray sweats are about to POP.
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Pack light.
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This will make baggage claim a breeze.
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Best wheels in the game.
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Simply a can't-lose style.