7 Herbs That Will Make Your House Smell Great (& Just Might Be Magic)

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Whether you're looking for your next ritual charm or just something to brighten up your garden, the great, wide world of flora has something to fit your needs. Much like essential oils, herbs have both aromatherapeutic and magical properties. (And yes, quite of few them are tasty additions to a recipe.)
If you're ready to start practicing herb magic, we recommend use fresh leaves or drying them for use in sachets. You can hang these little bundles of good vibes around your home or sleep with them under your pillow to heighten your dreams. Of course, if you're beyond the beginner stages of spellwork, you can even try making your own essential oils for anointing purposes.
And for the lazy witches out there, don't worry: Just the act of growing these plants on your windowsill can imbue your home with their magical properties. It doesn't get simpler than that.
Read on to get acquainted with some of our favorite magical herbs and start planting and potting. Before you know it, you'll be a bona fide kitchen witch.
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Spiritual benefits: invigorating, heightens psychic awareness and imagination

This herb's protective qualities come in unexpected forms: Anise seeds or fresh leaves from the plant can help banish stagnation or evil from a room. Meanwhile, placing a bag of anise seeds under your pillow will make your dreams clearer — it may even guard against nightmares. Some even say anise helps in divination, if your readings have felt a little foggy recently. If you already feel plenty clairvoyant, anise makes a tasty addition to baked goods, too.

Let it grow in moist soil in a warm room.
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Spiritual benefits: cleansing, protective, promotes maturity

You can burn dried sage for general cleansing purposes, but it's also immensely helpful while reflecting on a recent loss or death in your life. Its clean scent and antibacterial properties will support you as you mourn and pursue personal growth.

Let it grow in a well-drained pot that gets plenty of sunlight.
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Spiritual benefits: relaxing, comforting, sleep-inducing

We probably don't need to tell you how great lavender smells. This popular flower and herb appears in everything from essential oils to bubble baths to candles — and just a couple whiffs will help you wind down from a long day. Aside from its obviously soothing properties, lavender can also be a great stand-in for sage or incense if you want to imbue a room with a particularly homey vibe.

Let it grow on a brightly lit window sill where the plant will stay warm and dry.
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Spiritual benefits: healing, grounding, encouraging

Much like lavender, chamomile (whether in the form of tea or incense) can be just the thing to increase your chances for a good night's sleep. But if you're ready to expand your use of this mild plant, it also makes a great ingredient in prosperity magic.

Let it grow in part shade and dry soil.
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Spiritual benefits: energizing, strong, lucky

Need to wake up? Keep a jar of peppermint next to your bed — the scent is sure to put a spring in your step from the moment you wake. This herb is also great to use in healing and purifying spells, whether you anoint your tools with its oil or add its leaves to a sachet.

Let it grow in evenly moist soil.
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Spiritual benefits: uplifting, healing, memory-boosting

This herb may be commonplace (and delicious) in cooking, but it can be just as effective when used in magic. Hang dried rosemary in your kitchen or study — it's said to bolster intelligence and deep thinking. And, when paired with dried sage, it can be a powerful cleansing tool.

Let it grow in a cool, bright place.
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Spiritual benefits: positive, empowering, renewing

A sachet of dried thyme will purify your home and encourage optimism. Keep it handy before a big presentation or a social event to ease any feelings of anxiety. Thyme is a potent herb that delivers a major bravery boost when needed.

Let it grow in light, dry conditions.