12 Sexy Thrillers To Keep You Up All Night

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We don't need E.L. James to tell us that people like their pleasure with a little bit of pain. Just consider the countless films that alternately thrill us and turn us on. Sure, there's a murderer on the loose and he or she probably wants you dead, but there's always time for a sweaty lovemaking scene to turn up the heat and raise the stakes — especially when you realize the murderer was your lover all along. Oops.

Out January 30, The Loft has all the makings of a sexy-suspenseful thriller. Five married pals — James Marsden, Matthias Schoenaerts, Eric Stonestreet, Wentworth Miller, and Karl Urban — use the same penthouse for their indiscretions. Cue beautiful women, some between-the-sheets action, and a dead, naked blonde in the bed. Dun dun dun.

To psyche us all up for what looks to be a sleek and seductive frightfest, we've rounded up some other sexy thrillers that deserve a rewatch. Dim the lights and get under the covers with the person whose shoulder you'd most like to bury your face in during the really scary scenes. Who knew danger could be such an aphrodisiac? 
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Swimming Pool, 2003

Charlotte Rampling and Ludivine Sagnier star in this British-French thriller about a buttoned-up crime novelist staying in her publisher's home in the south of France. Sagnier smolders as the publisher's daughter (or is she?), engaging in promiscuous encounters and trotting out one bikini after another. If you're a fan of Sagnier's work, follow this up with Love Crime. The thriller with Kristin Scott Thomas inspired a remake, Passion, with Rachel McAdams, but the French original is far better.
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The Talented Mr. Ripley, 1999

You really can't blame Matt Damon for crushing so hard on Jude Law. Oh, that bathtub scene...
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Basic Instinct, 1992

This Michael Douglas/Sharon Stone film essentially defines erotic thrillers. Even the murder weapon of choice — an ice pick — seems particularly sexual. If you can handle it, consider a double-feature of this and 1989's Sea of Love. Each involves detectives screwing blonde murder suspects despite their better judgment.
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Devil in a Blue Dress, 1995

Jennifer Beals was on-point as a damsel in distress with a mysterious past, but its Lisa Nicole Carson's unapologetic seduction of Denzel Washington deserves extra props.
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The Loft

Take a secret luxury loft, a group of friends up to no good, and a dead woman found handcuffed to a bed, and you've got deception, temptation, and quite a twisted plot. See for yourself when The Loft hits theaters January 30.
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Heavenly Creatures, 1994

Newbies Kate Winslet and Melanie Lynskey (this was the debut film for each of them) play murderous pals, and ultimately lovers, in this New Zealand drama directed by a budding filmmaker named Peter Jackson.
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Casino Royale, 2006

Eva Green's Vesper Lynd has pretty much ruined us for any future Bond girl.
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Fatal Attraction, 1987

Director Adrian Lyne's first example of how having a torrid extramarital affair can ruin your life. Elevator sex, though.
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Unfaithful, 2002

Director Adrian Lyne's second example of how having a torrid extramarital affair can ruin your life. Or your French lover's life. And, your nifty snow globe collection.
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The Body (El Cuerpo), 2012

This Spanish thriller is bound to get remade for American audiences, but the original is worth watching. Brace yourself for passionate clinches and we-did-not-see-that-coming plot twists.
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Gone Girl, 2014

Forget the oral sex and library humping. Nick's wife goes missing and he still manages to squeeze in a quickie with his college-aged mistress.
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Rear Window, 1954

As Carrie Bradshaw might say, "The subtext of that text is sex." Sultry summer nights and voyeurism call for sleepovers with Grace Kelly. She even brings her nightie.
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Match Point, 2005

An important lesson: Don't cheat where you eat, even if ScarJo's packing the baby oil.
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