Step Inside S.F.'s BellJar ... And Snap Up Some Sweet Savings!

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    There are few things that get us more pumped than an adored local boutique taking its loyally followed presence (and expertly curated wares) to the web — for all of us to share. Take San Francisco-based BellJar, for instance. This quaint indie spot is so gorgeously stocked and decorated, we can't decide if we want to shop there or just go ahead and move in. And BellJar's owner? Turns out she's as stylish and charming as her ultra-curated wares.

    So much so, in fact, that we couldn't wait to get to know Sasha Darling and her covetable shop a little bit better. Read on to get the deets on Sasha, her fave S.F. spots, and why she doesn't play nice with others (it's not what you think).

    Oh, and don't forget to hop over to R29 Shops to pick up your BellJar voucher –– Sasha's offering R29ers up to $250 off all of BellJar's goods. We told you she was rad.

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