6 Ways To Wake Up Looking Better Than You Did The Night Before

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Whether you clock a full glorious eight hours of sleep each night or you’re eking by with considerably less, the fact remains: Night is a big block of uninterrupted time that you could be using for something else. So, why not your beauty routine? With the six easy tricks we’ve gathered here, you can score some lazy-girl multitasking points and get gorgeous all while you catch your zzzs. How’s that for beauty sleep?
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Our skin naturally loses water while we sleep, so it’s crucial to supplement with extra moisture. To avoid waking up with a parched, flaky complexion, slather on a night cream just before bed, taking care to smooth it down over your neck, too. You’ll plump lines and wake up feeling noticeably softer. (Bonus points if you apply a hand cream, too. Scraggly palms aren’t cute.)
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We don’t condone sleeping in makeup (it clogs pores and prevents skin creams and treatments from penetrating), but... Kim Kardashian reportedly does it. Yes, Mrs. West has gone on record saying she snoozes in her smoky eyes when she wants to extend the life of makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic's work, having trained herself to sleep on her back in order to preserve her lewk. Whether or not you’re attempting to get another day out of your makeup, sleeping on your back is actually a good idea, in general. Side or stomach sleepers end up spending hours with their face smooshed in the pillow, which some believe can lead to "sleep wrinkles."
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Not only does silk or satin bedding just feel better, but it’s actually better for you. Stiff, rough pillowcases can lead to creases when they press into your skin, but the smoother, more slippery fabrics are much less likely to cause an issue. It’s also kinder and gentler on your hair. Cotton sheets can cause breakage by pulling on strands, but satin, silk, and sateen allow you to toss and turn freely, with much less snagging.
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We know the pain of spending $50 at DryBar only to have your blowout deflate — or frizz up — that first night all too well. To keep it looking good longer, embark on a BPM (Blowout Preservation Mission). The key: Avoid pulling your hair into a tight ponytail at night with a regular elastic. It’ll leave a weird indentation midway up your hair that’s basically impossible to get rid of. Instead, gather your hair up into a high ponytail and secure it with an old school scrunchie. The high pony preserves all that good volume at the roots; the scrunchie won’t leave a mark. It’s not the cutest look in the world, but whatever. Your partner will just have to deal.
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If they’re dry and scaly, they need way more TLC than a cursory squirt of lotion in the morning. Better to give them an intense overnight hydration session. Here’s how: First, before bed, do a soak. Seriously. Your feet are thisclose to subway floors, dirt, and grimy sidewalks all day long, so wash that grossness away before doing anything else. Dermatologist Doris Day, MD, recommends a five-minute dunk in a bucket or bowl filled with lukewarm water, ¼ cup of honey, ¼ cup of oil, and ¼ cup of aloe. Then, after rinsing it all off, apply a thick, rich, anhydrous ointment or balm. Next, take plastic wrap (yes, really) and wind it around your feet (“not so tight that you are cutting off circulation though,” Dr. Day cautions). Finish by slipping on a pair of cushy socks. “Sleep like that, and in the morning, your feet will be baby-butt soft,” she says.
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Nighttime is the most convenient time to slather on self-tanning lotion. That said, your bed is also the perfect breeding ground for streaks, and self-tanner is certainly no friend to sheets. But be strategic about it and you can save your skin and your bedding. First, apply tanner at least an hour before going to sleep to give it some time to dry. But if that doesn’t fit into your plan, hit your body with a blowdryer on the cool setting to dry any wet patches. Then, slip on a pair of dark, loose-fitting pjs or sweats. (If you wear light clothing, make sure it’s something you don’t care about ruining, because you will ruin it.) And if it’s not obvious yet, this is not the night to break out your crisp white Frette sheets. The most frequent tanners among us maintain a pair of “self-tanning” sheets, cheap and dark in color. Alternatively, lay down a beach towel, climb on top, then use a second towel as your top sheet. Either way, you’ll wake up bronzed — but your linens won’t.
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