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Beauty Products You Almost Forgot About

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    Listen, we’re all for living in the moment — after all, the here and now is a pretty good place to be. Still, we’re not immune to the allure of a rosy-glassed past. Everything seemed so monumental and meaningful when we were younger, and that goes for beauty, too.

    Most of us remember the first lipstick we bought (or, um, shoplifted), the scent of Herbal Essences, and the bizarre allure of hair mascara. Certain products have the ability to take us back, just like that. Proust had madeleines; we have Lip Smackers.

    So, we’ve highlighted 16 finds that you probably haven’t thought of in years — plus their modern-day counterparts, which are more in line with your grown-up taste (and grown-up bank account). We know you’ll have a few of your own suggestions, too, so be sure to share them in the comments. The past, for sure, never looked this good.

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