Get Your Detox On With These Safe Tips From A Local Pro

Hey you, stop right there. Put down the lemon juice and cayenne pepper. Seriously, if you’re thinking of ridding your body of all the delicious scary toxins you pumped into it over the last few weeks, may we suggest a method that actually involves getting the right kinds of nutrients? We, too, need a little help from the detox fairy, so we called upon the closest thing we could find: Susan Harrington of SuziSqueeez Juice Bar. The NYC transplant schools us on how to start a healthy detox and craft a safe program that won’t lead us on late-night cookie binges. Well, that we can’t really guarantee. But we swear, we'll try.
1. Drink Water
“This may sound very elementary, but a lot of people don’t drink water. It’s really amazing. There’s a great book called ‘Your Body’s Many Cries For Water,’ which teaches you why it’s so important to hydrate. So before you start any detox, ask yourself how much water you drink and look into how much more you need to stay hydrated.”
2. Go Vegetarian
“Before any type of cleanse, I recommend switching your diet to a completely vegetarian one for at least five days prior to your detox. Going raw is optional, but at least do your best to keep it vegetarian.”
3. Juice
“I believe the safest way to detox is by doing a vegetable juice cleanse. The reason for detoxing is to improve your overall health. And what happens when you’re drinking all this green juice is your blood becomes oxygenated and toxins are pushed out.
"We offer an affordable juicing program at our shop SuziSqueeez, but you can also do this at home if you have a juicer, or visit your local health store. Juicing slows down your digestive system and gives it time to rest. Did you know that 90% of our energy is used by our digestive system breaking down food? That’s why after Thanksgiving dinner everyone is ready for a nap! So juicing gives our system a much-needed break, which allows our body time to push out the unwanted toxins while still absorbing the nutrients from the vegetable juice.”

4. Give It Time

“When detoxing, you need to stick to your program for at least three days. The first day, your body is still on autopilot. The second day, your body is beginning to assimilate to not having the bad stuff (sugar, caffeine) and taking in the good stuff. And the third day is when you begin to see changes. Vegetables are very alkaline. Disease cannot live in an alkaline environment. So this is the process that begins to happen on the third day.”
5. Colonics
“I, personally, recommend doing a colonic while you’re detoxing. When you’re carrying excess weight or when your body craves things like sugar and caffeine, it is not functioning properly. And what happens is our cells carry memory, so they’ll remember what you crave. A colonic helps reboot your system by getting rid of all the waste that carries those memories.”
6. Sweat It
“Your skin is your largest organ. So it’s scary to think of all the junk clogged in there. Go to a sauna or take a hot shower and brush your skin to make sure your pores can dispose of any waste.”