8 Gorgeous Bags You Can Actually Afford

If you’re among the fashion-literate who also read the news, you’ve likely heard tell of the rub between iconic fashion house Hermès and the muse for one of its most sought-after bags, Jane Birkin. After PETA released footage of reptiles slaughtered to create Hermès bags being horribly abused (like skinned alive abused, people), Birkin issued a statement requesting that her name be removed from the satchel exemplar that often boasts a waitlist as hefty as its price tag (hello, $30,000 that I don’t have).

And while we may have differences of opinions on animals being used in fashion (I think you know on which side of the fence I reside), paying homage to the endlessly stylish, durable, lighter (because let’s face it, the Birkin is damn heavy), and cruelty-free alternatives to the hotly contested Birkin will not only spare critters' suffering, but will make your style more meaningful and your conscience a little lighter. Without further ado, here are some vegan bags that are so slick and stylish, they’ll have you forgetting the Birkin and its attendant cruelty. Group hug.