Shitty Boyfriends, Episode 5: Friends First

Amanda is a talented cartoonist and ardent feminist with a problem. She’s fortunate enough to intern at her dream company — a hip, up-and-coming animation house, populated by talented millennials — so she assumes her career will fall into place somehow, eventually. But the only thing she can focus on is figuring out how to find her perfect guy. Unfortunately for Amanda, she ends up dating one shitty guy after another, and struggles to learn lessons from her failed romances that will help her navigate future relationships.

In this episode: After her artwork is rejected by Kathy, Amanda finds herself crying in the copy room alone. She’s surprised when her annoying coworker Braden shows up to comfort her. He even takes Amanda out for drinks after work, and she starts to see a different side of him. Is Amanda falling for someone who might be off-limits?

Starring Melissa Hunter, Emily Arlook, Bernard Jones, and featuring Sandra Oh.

From executive producers Lisa Kudrow and Dan Bucatinsky.

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