12 Under-$25 Beauty Buys To Solve Your Winter Skin Woes

Unlike the tag on your knit beanie that reads "one size fits all," there's no singular solution that treats the many skin issues that come with winter. Cold temps and blustery winds bring a host of concerns that go far beyond just dry skin — meaning your nightly layer of lotion might not be enough. That's where these 12 skin saviors come into play.

We scoured the aisles of Walmart and handpicked a dozen workhorses that treat the wide array of annoyances Mother Nature delivers each year: ragged cuticles, scaly limbs, flaky patches on your face, and a lackluster complexion — just to name a few. Not only do these products solve your winter skin woes, but they also check out at less than $25 each (spoiler alert: more than half of them ring in under $10!), so you can mix and match products to suit your needs without breaking the bank. Now, slip on that beanie and head out the door — winter's got nothing on you this time around.
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Your hands get exposed to the elements more often than you'd think. (Texting while walking outdoors does you no favors.) Do raw knuckles and ragged cuticles sound familiar? No thank you. Read on to see which products can bring your hands back to life.
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Formulated with virgin coconut oil and shea butter, this rich cream moisturizes dry hands and softens cuticles without leaving behind any greasy, oily film — something your phone and computer keyboard will appreciate. And with the tropical coconut scent, it's almost enough to make you forget it's 25 degrees outside...
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If you're past the point where hand lotion is enough (you need treatment, not just protection), layer an intense balm on your problem areas. This one from Burt's Bees is made with beeswax, so it forms a protective, water-resistant barrier, while natural oils like olive and almond keep your skin happy and healthy. Plus, it's multitasking and works well on elbows, knees, and heels.
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For next-level moisture overnight, slather your hands in lotion or cream and stick them in a pair of cotton gloves while you sleep (or while you binge-watch TV). The gloves will trap in all the good-for-you ingredients in your products, helping them penetrate better, so you wake up with more supple hands. This pair is preloaded with essential oils, so you get double the benefits.
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Sure, you may be bundled up in a hat, scarf, and earmuffs to ward off the elements, but unless you're also wearing a full ski mask, your face is still exposed. The result? Random patches of dry, flaky skin that manage to poke through even the thickest layer of moisturizer. Get rid of them for good with these three picks.
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You can moisturize all you want, but if you're not exfoliating the patches of dead skin off first, your effort is basically moot. This cleanser has micro-fine cocoa beans to gently sweep away flakes without irritating your face. Cocoa and shea butters then replenish your skin's moisture levels for baby-softness that lasts.
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Sheet masks are all the rage in Asia, and for good reason — they require the least amount of work for the highest payout. All you have to do is hang out for 10 to 20 minutes as the active ingredients work their magic. In this case, hyaluronic acid helps moisturize to the max. And we're not using that term lightly — the molecule can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water.
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If you're still hesitant about adding facial oil to your regimen, winter's the time to take the plunge. This argan oil is lightweight and absorbs quickly and deeply, so those pesky flakes don't stand a chance. It's also paraben- and fragrance-free, making it extra-friendly for sensitive skin. Rub any excess on the ends of dry hair for a quick solve.
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The weather outside is frightful — and your face is not delightful. The combination of frigid winds outside and the dry heat of your apartment (or office) inside can dull your complexion. Short of taking an impromptu tropical vacation, check out three ways to bring some vibrance back to your skin.
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The easiest way to revive lackluster skin is to swap your usual daily cleanser with a brightening and exfoliating formula. This foaming cleanser gently removes dead skin without harsh microbeads and provides a boost of brightening action with vitamin C.
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Facial oil also works to give you a lit-from-within glow. This one from Olay absorbs into your skin quickly (so no risk of looking greasy). And it's formulated with nine antioxidant-packed plant and fruit oils, like coconut, apricot, and jojoba, that help balance the levels of oil you naturally produce.
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The results of a skin-care routine that includes brightening products can take a few weeks to kick in, so if you're looking for a quick fix, try a pop of color. This compact combines three shades of blush with a shimmery highlighter to add a realistic flush to dull skin. Swirl a fluffy brush over the various hues and blend onto the apples of your cheeks, or use the shades individually to target specific areas. Get ready to glow.
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Sometimes, no amount of layering is enough to stop the wind from sucking all the moisture out of our skin. When your arms and legs are so dry that they're raw and itchy, you'll need our top three picks to de-scale and soothe.
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For those who find old-school petroleum jelly too heavy or oily, and the smell too...distinctive for an allover body moisturizer, this Vaseline serum is your new best friend. It has all of the skin-loving benefits of the original fix-all but is totally revamped. The formula is more lightweight so it's easier to rub into your arms and legs, comes in a convenient squeeze tube, and has a light fresh scent.
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Anyone with a lengthy beauty routine can attest to the importance of time-saving products, like razors with built-in shaving cream or this particularly innovative in-shower moisturizer. Instead of waiting for your skin to dry off and then applying lotion, just squeeze a few dollops on your arms and shoulders as you shower. Then let the water do its work and carry it down and off your body, effectively shaving time from your routine.
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You've already read about the uses and benefits of argan oil for your face and hair, but they go beyond that. In fact, this one is formulated specifically for your body. It's slightly drier than a facial oil, so it won't leave oily hand prints on everything you touch afterward. And it's made with sugarcane and willow bark to help turn over new, nourished skin. Best of all, it gives your body a nice glow-y sheen that even the worst wind can't ruin.