30 Next-Level Spring Beauty Buys

Spring might be the most exciting time for beauty products just because there’s so much gorgeousness to see. But, among all of those intricately sculpted powder compacts and sheer neon lipsticks, we’ve been dazzled by some standouts. We're talking about the new products that are impressing, intriguing, and otherwise blowing our minds.
From astounding advances in skin technology (yes, you can now laser your face at home) to new, natural ingredients (Kakadu plum!), these launches are some serious next-level goodness. Read on to see 30 examples of why spring isn’t just pretty — it’s pretty genius.

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If you’ve heard of Fraxel or other fractional non-ablative lasers, you know that they can minimize age spots, smooth the skin's surface, and reduce fine lines. Great results, but such a pity that it requires a series of in-office treatments. Except, now it doesn’t. Used daily over the course of three months, this FDA-cleared at-home laser uses the same technology to stimulate collagen in the comfort of your own home. (Okay, so “comfort” isn’t the word we’d use — but it’s not painful, either.) For anyone looking to shave off a few years from her face, This. Is. Major.

Tria Age-Defying Laser, $499, available at Sephora.
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The frustrating, takes-forever, acetone-heavy glitter-removal process? Ehh, we could do without it. That’s why this basecoat is a game-changer. First, apply it to clean nails. Then, paint on all the glitter polish your digits can handle. Finally, when you’re ready for a change, just use a cuticle stick to gently peel everything off — no nail polish remover necessary. Oh, and if your nail beds are prone to stains from dark lacquers? It helps prevent that, too. We don’t toss the word “genius” around too often, but hey, when it fits…

OPI Glitter Off, $9, OPI for salons.
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Makeup palettes are nothing new, but there are almost always one or two colors you’ll never, ever wear. (Either that, or you’re stuck with endless variations on beige. Zzz.) But, with the explosive success of Urban Decay's Naked palettes, other brands are realizing the power of wearable and well-curated all-in-ones. And, they're stepping up their shadow games in response. One of our favorite examples? The NARSissist eye palette, which features 15 versatile shadows that tap the basics and beyond. It has everything you’d need for an everyday neutral look, with just enough shimmer and glitter for night. So, to sum up: one palette, 15 shadows, zero chance of boredom.
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Rose is a classic perfume note, but it’s often relegated to Grandma territory. (Unfairly, we’d say.) For those of you who’ve turned your noses up at the flower, this spring’s rush of rose-based scents may push you to question everything you thought you knew about this floral. They’re fresher, greener, lighter. Roses de Chloé invokes thoughts of freshly cut blooms, while Balenciaga’s Rosabotanica is a lush, green interpretation of the flower. You know what they say: A rose is a rose is a rose. Except when it isn’t.
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Just when you thought beauty collaborations were slowing down, here comes Proenza Schouler and its limited-edition collection for MAC. In a move away from their typical minimal-makeup runway look, designers Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez have embraced flamingo-pink lips and plum polishes — oh, and ombré face powders wrapped up gallery-worthy packaging. We don’t need a Magic 8 Ball to know that this stuff will be snapped up quickly when it lands in early April.

Proenza Schouler x MAC, available in April at MAC.
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Both on and off the runways, platinum blond hair is having a big moment. And, as anyone who’s ever channeled her inner Marilyn knows, upkeep is a bear. Among the hair helpers for the bleached set: this softly scented cream treatment, which refreshes highlights and minimizes brassiness. Available in formulas for cool and golden tones, the treatment — which uses linseed oil and musk rose oil to promote color consistency — leaves a glossy finish on light locks, giving blondes an opportunity to see if they really do have more fun.

Shu Uemura Art of Hair Color Lustre, $58, available this spring at Shu Uemura Art of Hair.
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Forgive us for getting a bit ahead of ourselves, but when a fall trendlet this cool comes around, we just can’t help it. Last month, we were beguiled by the bright liner at Creatures Of The Wind and Giles. Both shows placed intense aquamarine along the lower lashline; Giles went outside, while Creatures stayed inside. Both ways were fresh and fun — not to mention the jolt of bright color we need after months of polar vortices — so we’re definitely penciling this trend in a bit early.
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Speaking of springtime colors, we're excited for the hues dreamed up for J.Crew by one of our go-to nail spas, tenoverten. The Manhattan-based spot has created three shades of polish — a pale sherbet, glossy coral, and cloud-like lavender-gray — exclusively for the retailer. The formulas are excellent, the hues are so now, and we’re dreaming up new nail designs that will allow us to wear all three shades at the same time.

tenoverten for J.Crew Nail Polish in Hudson, $12, available at J.Crew.
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Feeling blue? Tatcha’s newest collection captures the essence of the indigo plant. (Yes, it’s more than just a color.) The extract is made from fermented stems, leaves, and petals of the botanical, which is one of the anti-inflammatory active ingredients said to calm irritated, sensitive, or inflamed skin. Impressive stuff, but we’ll admit that half the appeal is the gorgeous hue of the cream, which disappears into skin without leaving a hint of blue.
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Is it wrong to want to eat a hair-care product? Because watermelon, lychee, mirabelle plum oil, and olive oil sound pretty delicious. Actually, they are astoundingly good for your hair — along with the keratin proteins, pro-vitamin B5, and shea butter that make up this intensely moisturizing yet lightweight conditioner. We’ll skip on guzzling the stuff, but based on how smooth and shiny it leaves our mane, we’ll definitely keep a bottle in the shower at all times.
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Koalas, wallabies, and...gorgeous complexions? Yep, the Aussies have it all. Coast To Coast, a new-to-the-States line of skin-care, looks to Australia’s native plants for its natural-but-effective formulations. With origins ranging from the coast to the rainforest to the Outback, these ingredients might be unusual, but their benefits are big. Quandong, for example, is high in essential fatty acids, while Kakadu plum has off-the-charts levels of vitamin C to protect against free-radical damage. This may be the closest you get to Down Under without a 14-hour plane ride.

Coast to Coast Skin Brightening Red Clay Mask, $23.95, available at Ulta.
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At first glance, a pre-styling primer may seem like an unnecessary additional step in your hair routine. Use this spray once, though, and you'll realize that it's all about keeping hair healthy. The primer smooths hair and improves elasticity, allows styling products to move through hair more evenly, and seals open cuticles to create a longer-lasting style. So, not only is it good for your hair, it makes it look better, too. We’d say that’s worth a few extra seconds of spritzing in the morning.

Nuance Salma Hayek Soy Protein Primer Spray, $9.99, available at CVS.
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By the time March rolls around, it’s a miracle if any of us aren’t suffering from dry skin. And, yes, we know that heavy creams can help parched skin, but who among us wants to feel like we’ve slathered Crisco on our face? That’s why this light, quick-absorbing cream is so dang smart. It drenches the skin in moisture — thanks to hyaluronic acid, apricot kernel oil, and glycerin — yet it weighs practically nothing. Bring on your worst, late winter. We’re ready.
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Survivor plants are causing a good amount of buzz in the world of anti-aging skin-care, and for good reason. These species of ultra-hardy plants grow — and even thrive — in environmentally tough conditions. Globularia cordifolia, whose stem cell extract plays a prominent role in Brad Biophotonic's new Sublime collection, grows high in the mountains of central Europe and Turkey. There, it withstands temperatures well below zero and nonetheless produces pretty blooms. In other words, it's able to take a beating and rejuvenate itself. Combined with a retinol complex to renew skin and a peptide blend to stimulate collagen, this extract may well be your key to surviving stress, pollutants, and all of the other nasties that can keep skin looking less than glowing.

Brad Biophotonic Sublime Youth Creator Gel Cream, $245, available at Brad Biophotonic.
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Some of the biggest developments in beauty come from Japan, such as this smart concept: Freshening body cloths that cool the skin upon contact. Now available widely in the United States, these scented cloths also leave a fine powder on skin, making them the next big gym-bag/oh-my-god-why-is-it-so-hot-out essential.

Ban Total Refresh Cooling Body Cloths, $2.99, available at Soap.com.
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When it comes to looking good, sleep counts. You know the drill: Get your eight hours, sleep on your back to avoid wrinkling your face, yada yada. Now, you can treat your skin even more by hitting the hay. The fibers of this pillowcase release copper ions into your skin as you sleep. That essential mineral helps support your skin's own rejuvenation process, which leads to a fresher-looking complexion over time. Sure, it’s a bit of a stretch, but what’s the worst that could happen, you catch a few Zs?

iLuminage Skin Rejuvenating Pillowcase, $60, available at Neiman Marcus.
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It’s difficult to look at this diminutive razor and not coo at its round little handle. But, despite its compact size, this wee razor takes regular-sized blades and delivers a close shave. It comes in a compact, making it easy to take anywhere — because we’ve all experienced that realization of missing a strip of fuzz on our legs, and toting a regular razor makes us worry about accidents. Plus, just look at it. Isn’t it cute?
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This topcoat for your lips is something else: Thanks to liquid crystals, this pearly pink gloss appears to color-shift whatever you've applied it on top of. It’s multidimensional, iridescent, glossy, and utterly fun — and, in a way, it doubles the effects of your existing lipsticks.
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If you've ever been frustrated by straightening long, thick, or coarse hair, this one's for you. T3's new wide-plated iron features a microchip that constantly measures and adjusts the ceramic plates' temperature. (Typically, styling irons measure in intervals, which leads to variations in heat.) The new technology means it delivers even, consistent heat and is less likely to cause damage to hair. No complaints about that.
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A mask for your lips? Believe it. Skeptics might point to the fact that technically, all balms could be considered masks — but this all-natural formula is in a league of its own. Lanolin, castor seed oil, and beeswax help heal and protect lips, while reservatrol delivers a powerful antioxidant punch. Apply the thick mask at night, and you’ll wake up to softer, conditioned lips. What a dream.
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Tinted moisturizers, BB creams, CC creams — we’ve seen care for your skin tone before. But in a serum? Well, now you’ve got our attention. Terry De Gunzburg (the cosmetics innovator who dreamed up YSL’s Touche Éclat way back when) has created a brightening serum that promise to even tone while also plumping the skin. The lightly tinted formula provides just enough coverage to fake a flawless complexion, but we like it most when applied under, well, a tinted moisturizer or CC cream.
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You already know that it’s smart to eat (and drink) your leafy greens, right? Soon, you can wear them, too. This forthcoming skin-care collection is full of kale, spinach, and Swiss chard extracts. And it's not just about jumping on the green-juice trend, either. These ingredients contain vitamins and antioxidants galore (and no parabens, phthalates, or artificial colors). And, just as eating lots of greens can make you feel energetic, this line promises to boost the radiance of skin. We’ll drink (a smoothie) to that.

Alba Botanica Good & Healthy range, $9.99, available in April at Target.
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There’s luxury, and then there’s luxury. This rich balm falls squarely in the latter category. Made with an extract of more than 350 rose petals, it softens and hydrates dry skin. Use it on cuticles, elbows, face — basically, wherever you need a little softness. Based on the enthusiasm for Aerin’s earlier Rose Lip Conditioner, we’re betting on this stuff developing a loyal following of its own.
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Straight from the Dead Sea to your face, this gel-cream hybrid serves up serious moisture. Its new delivery method sends Dead Sea water deeper into skin for a lower evaporation rate. Translation: With water locked in, skin stays twice as hydrated for longer — up to 12 hours, actually.

Ahava Moisture Gel Cream, $40, available at Macy's.
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The immense controversy surrounding palm oil, whose production is causing massive deforestation, isn’t going away. (Nor should it, in our view.) So, in a move to become more ecologically responsible, French hair-care brand Leonor Greyl has reformulated its iconic Huile de Palme, replacing palm oil with refined copra and mongogo oils. The new pre-shampoo oil is just as hydrating and nourishing, with the same fragrance, color, and texture as the original oil. Everything has changed — but, considering how lush, shiny, and soft it leaves our hair, we’re thrilled to report that nothing has changed, either.
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Know how a lot of masks feel good, but you're not so sure that they're actually doing anything? Not the case with this one, which features multiple varieties of algae to brighten and firm skin. Developed by biotechnology scientists in the Bay Area, it uses patented alguronic acid to minimize the look of wrinkles. Meanwhile, sea kelp calms skin while exfoliating, freshwater green algae delivers antioxidants, and we’re left wondering whether buying this skin perfector by the caseload would be too much.

Algenist Algae Brightening Mask, $59, available in March at Algenist.
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Light, bright, and smooth. Coincidentally, that’s how we’d like our eye area to look, and it also describes the texture of this clever gel-cream hybrid. The hydrating formula does double duty: It cosmetically brightens the undereye area right away and, over time, it improves the look of dark circles and fine lines thanks to peptides and pro-vitamin B5. Plus, okay, we'll admit it: The cool packaging makes us happy to use it every night.
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Choosing whether to trim your lady garden is a personal thing, but if you’re aiming to keep your hair from escaping your swimsuit, you’re gonna have to do something with it. And, if waxing, lasering, and shaving aren’t for you, a depilatory is your best bet. This hair-removal cream comes in a well-designed applicator that makes it easy to de-fuzz your bikini line. Plus, with shea and cocoa butters (and a fresh scent), it almost feels like a spa treatment. For your nether regions.

Bliss Fuzz Off Bikini, $30, available in April at Bliss.
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Time to put on your thinking caps: The aim of biomimicry is to study the details of nature, then use its models to solve problems. Within skin-care, biomimicry aims to "match" the way our skin naturally works, so that the body interprets ingredients as friendly and similar. The probiotics in this lotion, for instance, have been engineered to be skin-compatible; they stimulate the body's healing response, which increases hydration and elasticity while minimizing inflammation. Smart stuff.

MyBody Probiotic Body Lotion, $35, available at Dermstore.
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Flat, dull, lifeless hair. Sound familiar? Flax may be the answer. Historically, the plant's fiber has been used to create everything from yarn to lace to banknotes — it's just that strong. Now found in a spray-on treatment, flax extract is being used to strengthen tresses by wrapping hair in a protective "shield" that fortifies and shapes each strand. The result: lifted, more voluminous tresses. Problem solved.

Klorane Leave-In Spray With Flax Fiber, $16, Klorane for locations.
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