Your Horoscope For This Week — Mar 02 2014

Illustrated by Emily Forgot.
It's time to throw both hands up into a V-position because Venus has arrived. And, she's got an extended residency ahead of her.
Whether romantic or business, your connections with those around with are moving from your periphery to the forefront of your vision. Harness the magnetism buzzing through the air, and let it guide you. This is one of those weeks to heed the heart's wishes over the head's. Jupiter will go retrograde near the end of the week, meaning your social circles will swell. Be open and ready for new experiences. March's lion-hearted start doesn't have to be as rough as you think. Heck, take the month by the lion's mane and make it yours.
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Illustrated by Emily Forgot.
Pisces (February 20-March 20)
Fantasy or reality? It’s going to be hard to determine for the next four weeks, so hang on to your fedora. With love-planet Venus decamping to your twelfth house, you could slip into a sweet escape with someone of questionable character. Fun for the moment? Absolutely, but don’t ignore any red flags. These don’t have to be deal-breakers but they DO have to be dealt with. If you’re healing from heartache, enact a “zero contact” policy. Avoiding the first interaction is the way to break this addictive cycle for good. Fortunately, there’s plenty of new opportunity on the horizon for you. On Friday, lucky Jupiter corrects its course and speeds ahead in your romance house until July 16. Love could arrive with a sultry accent or from a culture quite different from your own. This Jupiter cycle gets you noticed, too. Call the stylists! It’s time for your close-up, Pisces!
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Illustrated by Emily Forgot.
Aries (March 21-April 19)
There’s strength in numbers, oh indie spirited one, and fun to be had. Romantic Venus leaves your career corner this Wednesday after four work-obsessed months. Now, the amorous planet lures you away from the bright light of your laptop screen. Social networking (in real time) between now and April 5, opens every door imaginable — and, yes, it’s great for your love life. Single Rams could meet a mate at a party or gathering while the coupled Aries can strengthen bonds with some tandem socializing. On Friday, jetsetting Jupiter wakes up from a four-month nap and powers forward through your home and family zone until July 16. Plan a trip to reconnect with relatives or revisit your ancestral homeland. You might even relocate to another ZIP-code (or country code) before the summer is through!
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Illustrated by Emily Forgot.
Taurus (April 20-May 20)
Red carpet romance, anyone? For the next four weeks, you’re in need of accomplished arm candy, someone who can easily roll to those A-lister events with you. With your ruling planet, Venus, parked in your prestigious, professional tenth house until April 5, single Bulls could even pick up a potential love interest at a business event. Coupled? Consider starting a business together or finding smarter ways to merge your money. Your social life gets busier than ever on Friday, when Jupiter makes a U-turn out of its sleepy retrograde that’s been going on since November 7. Between now and July 16, you’ll have collaborators and kindred spirits coming out of the woodwork. Local opportunities heat up, too, and you won’t have to travel far to find what you need.
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Illustrated by Emily Forgot.
Gemini (May 21-June 20)
Locally grown lovin’? Nah, you’d rather fulfill your fantasies in faraway lands between now and April 5. Chalk it up to romantic Venus, cruising through your worldly ninth house for the next four weeks. Even if you’re tethered to home base, sparks could fly with a sexy tourist cruising through your ZIP-code. Cross-cultural connections simmer with extra spice. Coupled? A getaway a deux is just what the Love Doctor ordered. On Friday, get ready for some big money developments. Lucky Jupiter rouses from a four-month retrograde in your finance zone giving you the Midas Touch once again. A tense work situation will smooth out soon. You might even get a raise or promotion, so if you have designs on moving up the executive ladder, let them be known.
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Illustrated by Emily Forgot.
Cancer (June 21-July 22)
Hot…or not? Expect some temperature fluctuations in the love department over the coming four weeks. With ardent Venus decamping to your seductive, intense eighth house, you only have eyes for a select few. Don’t make any sudden moves, Cancer. If feelings suddenly cool, there’s no cause for panic. They may heat up again just hours later. You’re definitely magnetic between now and April 5, so don’t waste time on any long shots. On Friday, break out the bubbly! Lucky Jupiter, which has been cruising through Cancer from June 25, 2013 until this coming July 16, wakes up from a four-month retrograde. Personal passions take center stage again. Dive into your dreams and take bigger risks: start a business, relocate to Paris, ask your secret crush on a date. Jupiter only visits your sign every 12-13 years, and this is the time to make the boldest moves ever.
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Illustrated by Emily Forgot.
Leo (July 23-August 22)
Putting a ring on it kind of has a ring to it for the next four weeks, if only in theory. With love-planet Venus nestled in your chamber of commitments from March 5 until April 5, you’re ready to get a bit (or a lot) more serious about amour. Kick the commitmentphobes to the curb so there’s room in your schedule for people who can go the distance. In a relationship? With your 1,001 interests, you may have inadvertently downgraded your sweetie to back-burner status. Create more dedicated “we time” to keep the love alive. Divine inspiration could strike after Friday when Jupiter wakes up from a four month retrograde in your imaginative twelfth house. Painful situations are now fodder for artistic expression — hello, catharsis. Dedicate time to developing one of these creative passions. By July 16, you could have a worthy performance or display piece on your hands.
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Illustrated by Emily Forgot.
Virgo (August 23-September 22)
Safe, predictable and boring? Not the holy trinity of amour, but every now and then, you wouldn’t mind some of those ingredients added to your Love Potion. That’s the case between now and April 5 when Venus hunkers down in your healthy living sector. Meet your dates for snowboarding, Soul Cycle, or tandem workouts at the gym. Showing your dependable nature scores you huge points with your sweetie, too. On Friday, stretch and explore some new scenes. With expansive Jupiter rousing from retrograde, your social circle swells to match your evolving interests. By July 16, you could be a card-carrying member of a few new organizations, even finding that your go-to crew has completely shifted!
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Illustrated by Emily Forgot.
Libra (September 23-October 22)
Did Cupid’s arrows miss the mark this Valentine’s Day? Never fear, Libra, because he’s got a quiver full of ‘em for you now. (Repeat after us: Better late than never.) Ardent Venus zips into Aquarius and your fifth house of amour from Wednesday until April 5 igniting a romantic renaissance. Suddenly your silent smartphone is blowing up with Tinder alerts — ooh la la. Coupled Libras are due for some dress-up dates and more social couple time now. Your career heats up this week, too, Libra, so cart that Chanel suit to the dry cleaners since it will be in heavy rotation soon. Lucky Jupiter, which has been napping in your success sector since November 7, wakes up on Friday. The four months that follow could see you climbing many rungs up the ladder. Risks are required, so roll those dice!
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Illustrated by Emily Forgot.
Scorpio (October 23-November 21)
Let the nesting commence! This Wednesday, romantic Venus hunkers down in your domestic zone for four weeks bringing cozy TLC to your forecast. Cooking dinner together, cuddling on the couch in a shared Snuggie — maybe not your sign’s sexiest moment, but exactly what you’re craving between now and April 5. That said, you’re not due to become a total shut-in. On Friday, expansive Jupiter rouses from a four-month retrograde and speeds ahead through your ninth house of jet-setting and entrepreneurial ventures. While you’re lounging with your iPad be sure to peruse a few travel blogs. Book tickets for an epic vacay that you’ll take before July 16. Got designs on signing your own paychecks? The next four months are go time, Scorpio.
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Illustrated by Emily Forgot.
Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)
Care to add a benefits package to that friendship, Sagittarius? With love-planet Venus cruising through your third house of amigos from Wednesday until April 5, you won’t mind blurring a few lines here and there. Don’t assume it’s just going to stay in the friend zone, though. On Friday, your ruling planet Jupiter wakes up from a four-month nap, and powers forward through your seductive, playing-for-keeps eighth house. Commitments of every variety take on a more permanent status…if you decide to stick with them. This week could mark a turning point. So, are you in or are you out?
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Illustrated by Emily Forgot.
Capricorn (December 22-January 19)
On Wednesday, romantic Venus leaves your sign and settles into your second house of slow and steady lovin’. Lucky you, Capricorn — you’ve hosted the planet of amour in your sign since November 5, a rare extra-long visit. Despite the electricity and new opportunity that Venus brought to your life since then, you’re craving a more settled groove. You can sink back into “old married couple” mode if you like, this week, or get excited about someone new who has real partnership potential. From Friday until July 16, lucky Jupiter is in your commitment corner, helping you lock in a long-term love. Business twosomes are also blessed by the red-spotted planet. Stop struggling through that solo mission and turn it into a dynamic duo!
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Illustrated by Emily Forgot.
Aquarius (January 20-February 19)
Well hello there, gorgeous. Radiant, glow-inducing Venus will visit your sign from Wednesday until April 5 flipping on your lights. Your powers of attraction are unparalleled now, but don’t rush to form a portmanteau with anyone. Enjoying your freedom and sampling the tasting menu might be more of your romantic speed now. If you’re in a relationship, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Nurture your independent interests to keep the sparks alive. On Friday, break out the North Face fleece and lace up those cross-trainers. Adventurous Jupiter wakes up from a four-month retrograde in your sixth house of health. Between now and July 16, you could get into the best shape of your life with some focus and dedication. Work picks up, too, and you may soon travel for professional purposes or start interfacing with colleagues in different parts of the world.