Here's How We'd Do The Oscars' $80K Gift Basket

Photo: Courtesy of Rodarte; Sphynx World; Smart Car.
We love Lupita and J Lawr, but we know both ladies can't be Best Supporting Actress winners at Sunday night's Oscars ceremony. And, so, one will go home with the statue, and the other will leave $80,000 swag bag? Yep, in case you hadn't heard, all of this year's nominees will be taking home a gift basket of 50-plus items — including a $15,000 walking tour of Japan and $16,000-worth of laser hair removal.
But, since we can't let the stars have all the fun, we gave into all of our crazy-extravagant urges and made our own bougie lists — which sound even better than the original (in our opinion). You'll find plenty of designer goodies and luxe getaways in this hodgepodge of dream-ticket buys, but also tons of completely-random-but-totally-awesome stuff our staff is pining for, too. C'mon, you've gotta be wondering who put the sphynx cat on their list. And, there's only one way to find out...