30 Luxe Beauty Buys From The Drugstore

Spending your hard-earned money on beauty products can be a daunting task, what with all the options out there. Sure, expensive brands create great things, but can't a gal get her hands on some budget makeup, hair, and skin goodies that perform just as well as luxury without breaking the bank? Also, they need to be pretty. You want to look pretty AND pay the rent. Thanks.
In an effort to help a gal out, we scoured the drugstore and big-box retailers for products that fit all three categories and came back with 30 seriously fab, high-performance items that give you the results and look just as gorgeous as their more expensive counterparts. The best part? None of them costs over $25.
Clear off that vanity table and make room in the medicine cabinet, because for the price of one or two fancy-lady beauty items, you could have ALL the picks in our little roundup here. Luxury beauty at drugstore prices? Right this way, please...

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Photo: Courtesy of Soap.com.
The soothing formula of this shampoo creates a salon-quality experience, while the pretty packaging brightens up your bathroom.

Love & Toast Daily Shampoo, $9.99, available at Love & Toast.
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Photo: Courtesy of Target.
We love a good long-lasting nail polish formula, especially when it looks this cool and costs so little.
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Photo: Courtesy of Target.
The performance of this protective serum rivals that of pricier options, delivering bright, youthful skin with regular use.
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Photo: Courtesy of Sonia Kashuk.
We dare you to not get giddy over these professional-quality makeup brushes with the super-fancy handles and the blue bristles. Just try it.
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Photo: Courtesy of Clearasil.

Clearasil® Daily Clear® Refreshing Superfruit Pads are formulated with raspberry and cranberry extracts, while salicylic acid keeps blemishes at bay. It’s basically free with this rebate, so technically it's not a "buy," but it is way too good to keep a secret.
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Photo: Courtesy of Herbal Essences.
The formula delivers expensive shine and softness with packaging that's just too pretty for words.
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Photo: Courtesy of Drugstore.com
Alcohol-free toner is one thing, but the vintage label and design just makes us love it more.
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Photo: Courtesy of Ulta.
A non-sticky formula with rich color in a tube that will cause your friends to do a double-take? Sold.
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Photo: Courtesy of Target.
The retro packaging is just so cool, and the formula delivers chic, salon-quality curls that last all day.
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Photo: Courtesy of Kohl's.
It smells good enough to eat and hydrates like nobody's business.
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Photo: Courtesy of Rimmel.
Eyeliner is eyeliner, right? Not exactly, and this easy-to-apply formula with the sleek packaging proves our point, gliding on like a dream and staying put like its pricier counterparts.
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Photo: Courtesy of Amazon.com.
Salon-quality hair treatments can cost a fortune, but this hydrating powerhouse softens and strengthens without stealing your wallet. Plus, the packaging looks like you stole it from your stylist.
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Photo: Courtesy of L'Oreal Paris USA.
For those of us who love fancy facial oils, this one delivers the goods at less than half the price. Slather it on at night, wake up glowing and gorgeous.
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Photo: Courtesy of Flower Beauty.
We can't get enough of the luxuriously creamy formula of this cream eyeshadow. It glides on, builds and blends flawlessly, and the container is just so money.
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Photo: Courtesy of Tresemme.
Frizz-free hair with packaging and performance good enough to be used backstage at New York Fashion Week? Sign us up.
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Photo: Courtesy of Drugstore.com.
Shea butter and honey in a French formula for a duty-free price, all in a fancy tube? Done, done, and done.
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Photo: Courtesy of Miss Jessie's.
Stylish packaging? Check. Cleansing so gentle and results so good you'll wanna cry? Yep.
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Photo: Courtesy of CoverGirl.
We love a good creamy foundation that softens skin while it creates an even complexion. This delivers all we require with some pretty luxe packaging that makes it look tres high end.
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Photo: Courtesy of Vitacost.
Let's all lower our carbon footprint and get clean with this soothing body wash that also raises the level of our shower decor, shall we?
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Photo: Courtesy of Caress.
The lather and fragrance are so intoxicating, you may want to lower the lights, light a candle, and make every moment count.
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Photo: Courtesy of Drugstore.com.
No animal testing. A lacquer that lays on gorgeous color and stays put. Beautiful packaging. This is pretty much one of our favorite things ever.
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Photo: Courtesy of AHAVA.
This body scrub delivers spa-worthy exfoliation without the cost or having to get naked in front of a stranger. It also smells super expensive.
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Photo: Courtesy of Miss Jessie's.
The packaging is oh-so gorgeous and the formula, —which merges fabric softener technology with hair care —keeps curls static-free, soft, and fluffy all day long. It's a miracle worker, we assure you.
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Photo: Courtesy of Drugstore.com.
We love a good expensive mascara like everyone else. We also love cheating on that formula with this shiny goodie that delivers bangin' lashes for a quarter of the price.
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Photo: Courtesy of Walgreens.
Slather on this oil after a bath or shower, or close the door and turn out the lights for a skin-soothing massage that feels like a Tuscan spa vacation.
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Photo: Courtesy of Neutrogena.
We'll happily pit this primer against its more expensive counterparts any day in regards to performance. The sleek packaging is also rather unisex, so feel free to share your shine-free moments with others.
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Photo: Courtesy of e.l.f.
This blush and contouring kit looks and works like a more expensive formula, all for less than a fancy coffee.
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Photo: Courtesy of Amazon.com.
We love the vintage tin, and the luxurious formula saves our winter-dry hands on the regular, making it a makeup bag must-have.
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Photo: Courtesy of Vitamin Shoppe.
We love the Victorian appeal of the packaging, and the organic formula delivers odor-free underarm protection all day.
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Photo: Courtesy of Walgreens.
This super-fabulous foundation is great for all skin types, and the elegant packaging gives it serious vanity appeal.
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Photo: Courtesy of Fekkai.
Nab this gorgeous color-treatment masque used in the actual Fekkai salons for less than booking an appointment and get the expensive results at home.
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