The ULTIMATE Stuck-In-Traffic Playlist

Trust us, we know the feeling — and it's awful. Whether it's "Carmageddon" or "Jamzilla," traffic in L.A. has gotten so bad that certain jams are even getting their own names. And, while we don't have a miracle cure, we turned to some of the raddest L.A. creatives for the best songs to blast when stuck on the 101 in a total standstill.
Featuring jams from a House Of Cards cast member with a weakness for the Beastie Boys to a Busta Rhymes-loving, bombshell British expat, this mixtape will undoubtably make your next bumper-to-bumper ordeal a lot less painful.
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Photo: Courtesy of Father John Misty.
Kate Brien, stylist and founder of View From The Topp
"This song is fun and weird, and it never fails to make me smile when I’m stuck in that L.A. gridlock. Let’s just say I listen to it a lot."
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Photo: Courtesy of Busta Rhymes, Matt Baron/BEImages.
Alice Eve, actress
"Because everyone likes to party — but, this doesn't mean I promote drinking and driving!"
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Photo: Courtesy Of T.L. Barrett.
Scott Vener, music supervisor of Entourage and Ballers, CEO of Musaic
"The only two things that keep my mind off bad traffic is sex or God."
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Photo: Courtesy of Smith.
Hallie Meyers-Shyer, screenwriter
"It reminds me of a time when L.A. was cooler...and had a lot less traffic."
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Photo: Courtesy of Lou Reed.
Theo Spielberg, musician/ Wardell
"That repeating cello line always seems to mirror the monotony of being stuck, or of moving very, very slowly. It's also has a Bruce Springsteen spoken word monologue, so duh."
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Photo: Courtesy of ALT-J.
Gillian Mahin, founder of For Love & Lemons
"Something about this song just makes me really happy. It's on repeat right now!"
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Photo: Courtesy of Warren Zevon, Andreas Branch/Patrick McMullan.
Benedict Samuel, actor
"It won't even matter where you are."
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Photo: Courtesy of Eagles.
Kathy Rose, jewelry designer and owner of Roseark
"Best lyrics ever. Blast it in traffic and sing it loud and from the soul."
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Photo: Courtesy of Beastie Boys.
Sam Page, actor
"This song is a perfect intersection of sheer genius and pure fun. When it plays in a bar, car, or club, everyone head bobs and smiles."