Your Spring Sandal Hit List

After months of trekking through slushy sinkholes and Everest-like snow mounds in wellies and galoshes, your feet are probably begging for a little air. Well, fortunately, spring is (supposedly) around the corner. And, that means it’s high time to forget the past (i.e., mukluks) and focus on the future: this season’s fanciful sandal offerings. Because, those strappy kicks will inevitably become the foundation for just about every spring-outfit choice you make, right? So, they deserve your full attention. Which, let’s be honest, isn’t hard — this is shoe shopping, after all.
But, let's not forget that different situations often require different types of sandals: flats for casual weekends and higher heels for those warm-weather weddings. So, we culled 20 strappy numbers at every height that'll carry you through the entire season. Step right up to your newest spring shoe!