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Your Horoscope For This Week

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    Rejoice! Mercury's ditching the whole retrograde thing this Friday. Plus, the new moon on Saturday is slated to bring some good vibes. Whatever static you might have been feeling over the past week will soon dissipate, and you can breathe again. So, why not use that energy to get back into the swing of things or start a new groove?

    It's time to get your ducks in order. Oh, and maybe time to dust off them seduction shoes because love/lust/romance is still buzzing through the air. But, don't jump to hot conclusions. This week requires a "one step forward, two steps back" kind of mentality if you're looking to properly harness the energy. No worries, though; whatever muddled thoughts and experiences Mercury retrograde brought on will be mere blips on your radar. Chin up, eyes forward, and laces tied — let's do this!

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