11 Sheer Styles To Ease Into Skin-Baring Season

We're almost halfway through February (we can do this!). Before you know it, the weather will be calling for crop tops and short shorts, not turtlenecks and flannel-lined pants. And, while the thought of soaring temperatures is nothing short of thrilling, the idea of baring all of that skin is —what's the word? — terrifying.
So, we're starting the uncovering process now with the help of one of our favorite long-lasting trends: We're going sheer. From chic, see-through panels to full-on sheer dresses (with slips, of course), we've pulled 11 sure-to-stun pieces that'll help you get used to showing off a little more than just a sliver of wrist. Add in some exfoliation, and you'll be swimsuit shopping before you know it. It's all about baby steps, friends. Very stylish baby steps.