Add To Cart: Your Work Wardrobe Refresh Revealed

We know you’re supposed to be relaxing today (cue the jam-packed DVR), but whether you want to accept it or not, chances are you'll be plunking away in your cubicle come 9 a.m. tomorrow. Which means it’ll be time to trade in those sweats for suits in a matter of hours. So, look at your work wardrobe. Could it use a bit of a refresh? Thought so. Those tired pencil skirts and blouses you’ve had for a century just need a break. Well, lucky for us, the last seven days saw a surge in the perfect updated work wear — all at crazy affordable prices.
In this week’s installment of Add To Cart, we’re bringing you these luxe-looking, boardroom-ready musts — everything from crisp blazers to fit-your-life bags. Not to mention they all look like a million bucks but will cost about five zeros less. You know, so you have a little extra cash to order that second fourth glass of vino as you relish in the last remaining hours of this relaxing (Super Bowl) Sunday.