The Best Brows For Your Face Shape

Folks, the shape of your eyebrows is insanely important. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, your brows are the drapes around said windows. So, it makes sense to tidy up the place a bit, yes?
First, finding the right shape depends on the shape of your face. And, finding the right way to achieve that perfect brow shape is just as important as finding the right haircut. We're not kidding. The wrong one can throw off your entire look and growing either of them out is a total pain.
Since we'd never go venture into this territory alone, we don't think you should, either. Meet founder of Anastasia Beverly Hills Anastasia Soare, a woman to whom many a well-manicured celebrity entrust their angles and arches. She's come armed with her expertise on different types of face shapes and the best brows to bring their beauty looks to a whole new level.
Ready to find out the optimal arch shape for your gorgeous face? Click through, and "brow-ze" away.

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Those with a strong square jawline can have flat or less pronounced cheekbones, so Soare recommends balancing the look with a bolstered brow. "In order to break up the jawline’s solid appearance, you'll want to create brows that have a fuller shape to balance out the rest of the face.  They bring focus to the eyes, slim the cheeks, and narrow the appearance of a wider jawline."
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Soare advises using a stencil to create a full arch, paired with the use of a good brow powder. "When it comes to crafting the brow shape, think about accentuating your cheekbones while balancing the jawline," she recommends for those with a square jaw. "Remember, a fuller, stronger brow shape brings more focus to your eyes, which visually balances the strong lines of your face."
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Oblong faces have most of the same challenges as those with square visages, so the same fuller brows will also work. "The strong brow shape will bring focus to the eyes, slim the cheeks, and narrow the appearance of a wider jawline," advises Soare.
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One of the best ways to amp newly-shaped brows is with a great brow kit, particularly an all-in-one that contains brow powder, a highlighter, wax (to hold the brows in place), tweezers, an angled brush, and a mirror so you can see what you're doing.
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Diamond-shaped faces feature a wide forehead and pointed chin. Soare advises a naturally arched, medium-width brow to help these face shapes shine. "(They) aren't overly thick and arc gently along the brow bone, bringing balance to the jawline by placing less emphasis on the eyes and forehead. The medium-width shape creates a softer look with a sense of visual proportion."
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Diamond-shaped faces should follow an extra tip from Soare: Make the brows about 1 mm shorter on the ends than you might expect. "Shortening the eyebrow ever so slightly will make wider cheekbones appear more narrow and in better proportion to the jaw and chin," she clarifies. Be sure to fill in the shapes with a defining brow gel for dimension and shape.
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Oval is known as the most balanced of face shapes. "Since the face is already relatively strong in proportion, I'd create a high arch, one with a pronounced arch that extends laterally along the brow bone," advises Soare.
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Soare advises it's best to get the perfect high arch from a professional. ("One with with a strong understanding of shaping," she clarifies.) Then, maintain the shape at home on your own. Paired with a good set of tweezers, this shaping kit contains the essentials to keep everything in line on a daily basis.
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Circular cuties have faces that usually need to create angles between the cheekbones and the chin. "Adding fuller brows will bring definition," explains Soare. "They provide a more chiseled look to the face and the appearance of angles to the cheeks," explains Soare.
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If you're looking to bulk up your brows to Soare's suggested volume, try a growth serum designed to help them reach their full potential. Be sure to have your brows shaped as they start to look fuller. Even a hair here and there will help them look groomed while they grow in.
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Similar to those with round faces, Soare says gals with pear-shaped faces need to balance the face and create angles. "Full eyebrows will help balance their narrower forehead and their strong jawline," she says.
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Soare says the key to creating the perfect full-brow shape is to properly measure your starting, ending, and highest arch points. Grab a good-quality brow pencil, and follow along.
"Align the pencil vertically from the middle of the nostril to the brow bone, then mark that area as your starting point. Then, take the pencil and align it from the tip of your nose through the center of the iris, which is the highest point of the brow arch. Finally, hold the pencil from the corner of your nostril to the outside corner of the eye, then mark that as your end point. Outline the entire shape, fill it in with tiny strokes to mimic real brow hairs, then blend." Done.
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In the end, Soare asks that you take everything into consideration. "The best eyebrow shapes take everything into consideration: your nose, the spacing of your eyes, shape of your chin, your brow bones, the angle of your jawline, and your cheekbones. They all play a role in the shape that works best for you."