12 Beauty Fakes To Make You Look More Awake Than You Actually Are

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We have all had those mornings. Whether you went to happy hour the evening before and/or just had a very happy night, you're suddenly aware that you're operating on no sleep and — what was it you had to do today? Oh yes, The Biggest Thing Of Your Life is on the schedule. So, you look in the mirror and you're carrying undereye bags that won't fit into an overhead compartment, and your hair looks like you've brushed it with your foot. You've got to clean it up and get out the door... Right. Now.
Don't panic. We've all been there, and we will all be there again. What you need at this moment are quick tips on how to look gorgeous and well-rested when all you want to do is call in scared. (As in, you're afraid you won't make it today.) Oh, you'll make it alright — we've got your back.
We called in four experts — Melissa Silver, makeup artist for Maybelline New York; Romy Soleimani, director-at-large for Beauty.com; Stephanie Stanko, senior stylist at Takamichi Hair; and Dr. Marina Peredo, a board-certified dermatologist — to give us fast and easy tips to fake eight hours of sleep. Nap time is for later, buttercup. It's time to look awake now!

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Wake Up With Witch Hazel
Undereye bags scream "Margarita Night" to your boss, so they have to go. Dr. Peredo advises keeping cold witch hazel towelettes in the fridge so you can hold them on dark circles and reduce puffiness. “Witch hazel's astringent and antioxidant properties make it ideal to reduce puffiness," she says. "It also contains a small amount of essential oils, which can help reflect light and diffuse the appearance of dark circles.”
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Create Calm With Concealer
Concealer is so your friend on days when you most definitely have something to hide. “This concealer pen is great for a quick wakeup of the eyes," says Soleimani. See also: a shower. A shower is definitely a good idea here. Actually, shower first.
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Shrink Those Shadows
The quickest way to open the eyelid (other than strong coffee) is to curl your lashes. "You have to reduce the shadow under the eye, and the fastest way to achieve that is to curl the lashes," says Silver. "It helps open your eyes so you look more awake."
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Lush Up Your Lashes
After curling your lashes, Silver says waterproof mascara is your next best friend on sleepy-eyed days. "The waterproof formula holds curl better than other formulas," she says. "It helps you look more awake."
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Make It Matte
This is the day to avoid shiny objects, especially eyeshadow. "If you're feeling tired, absolutely avoid shadows with shimmer; they draw attention to puffiness," cautions Silver. "Go for matte shadows in darker colors, which can help detract from any raised surfaces."
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Nail It In Navy
Got a big meeting today? Silver advises rocking navy eyeliner, which helps brighten the whites of your eyes into clear, wide-awake goodness. "It's brighter than brown or black, so it really does the trick."
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Bring On The Blush
Since there's not a lot of blood flowing to your face, you need to put that glow back in your game. Soleimani recommends this beautiful blush for a healthy flush. Also, check your face for pillow crease lines. You can't be too careful today.
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Get Your Glow Back
Soleimani recommends a one-two punch to bring your face back to life. "Try a flush of blush followed by a spritz of one of my favorite products – Beauty Elixir. It's a great way to revive tired looking skin immediately and throughout the day." Repeat as often as necessary.
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Be Pretty In Pink
This is really not the day for a dark lip. "You'll want to add the appearance of blood flow back to your mouth with your makeup," Silver advises. She recommends a pink lip to mimic the lively circulation you may be direly lacking.
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Queue Up The Quick Dry
Pressed for time? Stanko recommends a quickly tossed blowout. "Hit oily sections with a dry shampoo, then flip your head over and dry it from underneath, lifting your roots with the air flow. Flip your head up and —if needed and you have the time —use a round bristle brush to smooth out any rough spots. Done!"
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Pull A Low, Sleek Ponytail
This is also the day to pull the ponytail down into a sleek, low style. "Brush all your hair to the nape on one side, then apply a dime-sized amount of serum into your hands. Rub them together, and run them through from lengths to ends," says Stanko. "Secure it into a low pony at the base of the head with an elastic, then run any remaining product over any flyaways."

Davines This Is An Invisible Serum, $22, Davines for salons.
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Bring On The Tousled Bun
Even the most harried gal can pull off a tousled bun under pressure. "Pull your hair back, keeping it smooth to the head," advises Stanko. "Then, tousle the ponytail and create a messy bun using a hair elastic. Secure the look with bobby pins, and finish it with a medium-hold hairspray. The style is still sexy, but the tighter front gives you a cleaner, more-awake look."
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