The Petite Girl's Guide To Killer Style

At Refinery29, our editors and writers come in all shapes and sizes — and there are definitely a few ladies who fall into the petite category. Consequently, we’d like to think we’ve become something of experts at shopping for such a body type.
So, if you are among the smaller-than-average group of women (5’4” and under and/or those with extremely narrow hips, shoulders, etc.) who struggles to find stylish clothing that actually fits, your fashion prayers have been answered. We've got 23 awesome tips for dressing with ease. It's true: Good things do come in small packages.

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Skinny jeans are always a good bet for smaller women who want to avoid the dreaded “saggy butt syndrome” that occurs when our pants just aren’t snug enough. Try these skinnies and banish your baggy behind forever.
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Pencil skirts — or those that hit below the knee — can be a tricky length to master. But, petite cuts, like that of this Ann Taylor number, hit at just the right length. The elastic waistband will also ensure a snugger fit.
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Blazers can be a notoriously tough item for a petite lady to wear. If the shoulders are too big (which, let’s face it, they typically are) or the sleeves are too long, you’ll look like you’re dressing up in Mommy’s clothes. The slim cut of this petite blazer is extremely flattering on small upper frames.
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Tighter, bodycon styles are great for showing off your figure, but on the days you want a more casual look, fit is everything so you don't wind up looking like you’ve been stuffed into a burlap sack. The petite sizing of this Anthropologie tunic dress makes it a little tighter than normal boxy styles.
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This dress celebrates the smaller woman, as it combines two things that can be difficult for her full-figured counterparts to pull off: prints and unforgiving snugness. Since neither are a problem for a petite gal, we say, rock it with pride. The shorter length will show off your legs, and the cutout detailing in the back will amplify your sexiness. Trust us — “cute” is not the adjective that will come to mind when others see you in this!
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This is another shirt we wouldn’t dream of wearing in regular sizing, as the drapey lay of it would be falling right off of us and putting us at risk of a dreaded nip slip. But, an XXS fit makes the impossible possible.

Babaton Beau Blouse, $80. available at Aritzia.

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Bless you, Babaton, for making beautiful, flowy tops, like this Finley Blouse, in XXS sizes that actually fit.
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No heel is too high for the vertically challenged. These glamorous Charlotte Olympia boots will give you all the extra height you need with a 6.5” heel.
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We’re going to let you in on a little secret. While the rest of the world is cursing the Europeans with their true sizes, us smaller people are doing a little happy dance when we see them, because we know we’re bound to find something that actually fits our frame — hell, we might even have to go up a size! H&M has adopted U.S. vanity sizing (at least online!) since its stateside debut, but it still tends to run smaller than many of its fast-fashion counterparts (we’re looking at you, Forever). And, hey, if it’s too long, this cute sweatshirt style can always double as a dress!
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This sweater is the perfect pair to those miraculous aforementioned leggings.
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Just as all breasts are not created equal, neither are all rears. These Hanky Panky Petite Thong 5-Pack panties get as small as XXS, or, alternatively P/XS, a rare find in the world of undies! Did we mention they’re gorg?

Hanky Panky Petite Thong 5-Pack, $89, available at Shopbop.
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A necklace that’s too long or too large (like an oversized collar style) will dwarf your frame or get lost in a lesser endowed chest area. Stick to petite pendants with short chains.
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Floor-length The North Face puffers are great for those blessed with long limbs — not so much for the 5’4” and under set. Keep the warm factor with a similar padded, albeit shorter version like this. Even better, the waistline is accentuated with a belt, so your miniature frame won’t be buried in your layers.
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Nothing stands in the way of a short girl and her heels — not even the weather. The decorative strap on this pair of Jeffrey Campbell stunners will draw attention (in a good way) to one of your smallest features.

Jeffrey Campbell Opulence Chained Pump, $200, available at Nasty Gal.
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Boot cuts are a staple for any wardrobe, but normal sizing can leave them extending far beyond the actual length of your leg. Cut things down to size with brands that make shorter, petite sizing.
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Those with dainty wrists will want to skip pesky, oversized clasped or linked bracelets, which are likely to slide right off. So, opt for a stretchy style instead. We like this Lisa Hoffman Tunisian Neroli bracelet. Not only will it stay on your wrist with its elastic styling, the charm is actually a locket that opens to hold Lisa Hoffman fragrance beads to keep your wrist perfumed all day long.

Lisa Hoffman Tunisian Neroli Bracelet, $65, available at Lisa Hoffman.
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While B and C cups are inundated with all the lace and frills they can handle, the smaller chested amongst us are resigned to the plain-old T-shirt bras — in boring beige. Lula Lu Petites has sizes as small as 32-AAA in gorgeous styles like this Kira Lace Push-Up Bra.

Lula Lu Petites Kira Lace Push-Up Bra, $60, available at Lula Lu Petites.
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This Talula Lindenwood Jacket in XXS gives you that luxe feel that only fur-like material without making you look like you’ve been raiding Grandma’s much larger closet.
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Again with the pretty and lace, but this bra is sized as small as a 30-A.

The Little Bra Company Ethel Push-Up Bra, $60, available at Lula Lu.
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Stay warm (without drowning in piles of fabric!) while looking trendy and stylish in coats like this TNA St. Moritz Parka that come in XXS.
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There is nothing that will elongate your legs quite like a miniskirt. Short girls can show off their stems without fear of looking trashy in cute little numbers like this Topshop Pelmet skirt.
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Petite blazer styles, like this Topshop Neppie Cropped Blazer, will have a narrower cut and a shorter sleeve — two factors that are everything when fitting a jacket.
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No longer are petites resigned to wearing crop tops as full-length shirts. Brands like Wilfred Free offer plenty of stylish options, like this Rollinson Blouse, in size XXS. This shirt would swallow you whole in regular sizing, but when sized correctly, it works.

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