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9 Resolution-Friendly (Tasty!) Eats

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    Hey, we get it. January is a tough month! Maintaining your regular New York lifestyle (a.k.a. never, ever cooking) while trying to stick to your new-year-new-me guns can be tough. Even if you’re trekking through snow to hit the gym and stepping away from the office candy bowls, it’s still too easy to mess up your resolutions while eating out around town.

    That’s why we’ve hunted down nine dishes that are as incredibly delicious as they are wholesome and healthy. This means you won’t risk messing up your newly instated wellness goals when grabbing breakfast to go or even chowing down at a fancy client dinner. Best of all? They’re scrumptious and filling, so you won’t be left gnawing on a carrot stick or — gasp! — overindulging on the bread basket. Eat up, and enjoy!

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