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London's Coolest Creatives Reveal The Hobbies That Help Them Unwind

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    For those of you who may not remember, a "hobby" is a leisurely activity one used to enjoy in their downtime in the days before we all got iPads.

    Thankfully, not everyone has abandoned their off-the-clock passions and pursuits. We met up with some of our favourite creative gals in London to see how they spend their free time and came away feeling pretty darn inspired. Whether it's trying out new recipes, playing shutterbug, or geeking out over a rare collectible, these ladies are finding their fun in a variety of unexpected ways. And, isn't that what makes life so much more interesting?

    Click through to see these gals at work and play, doing the things they love best. Maybe it's time to revisit that sticker album you had as a kid?

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