Music-Video Makeup Will Bring Back Your MTV Nostalgia

One of the most common complaints you'll hear from anyone in their 30s — well, besides "Why the hell do I have both acne and wrinkles?" — is the good 'ol "Remember when MTV actually played music videos?" Parking in front of the TV after school, we'd watch to see what kind of cool clips our favorite VJs (love you, Kennedy!) would introduce, and watch in awe as artists unveiled truly groundbreaking beauty and fashion moments.
Apparently, we weren't the only ones enraptured by this after-school ritual: Makeup artist Nick Barose just shared a recent editorial he shot with Touch magazine that features makeup looks inspired by some of the most iconic music-video beauty.
"In high school, I'd watch all these great music videos by some of my favorite artists and I'd try to emulate their looks on myself and my friends — MTV was my beauty school," says Barose. "I went to an all-boys Catholic school and I'd get in trouble because I'd get a flattop like Grace Jones, or wear eyeliner like Bowie and put shoulder pads in my uniform. Those artists were so original and brave with their looks; it was authentic and not manufactured. It was dramatic, but it felt real."
Feeling nostalgic? Click through to see the amazing looks Barose created, then tell us which classic music video left the biggest impression on you.

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Photo: Courtesy of Touch Magazine/Mikey Asanin Luvmunkong.
To capture Grace Jones' Slave To The Rhythm look, Barose used MAC products to create a strong, angular effect. "I was inspired by her in-charge sex appeal," explains Barose. "We kept the skin shiny and made the eyebrows and eye makeup slanted to give it a super-fierce look, using fuchsia and metallic pewter on the eyes. Dark, almost black lips always make a girl look kind of bitchy (in a good way)."

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Photo: Courtesy of Touch Magazine/Mikey Asanin Luvmunkong.
Granted, George Michael's "Freedom '90" video had the distinct advantage of starring a coterie of supermodels, but the makeup looks still stood out on their own. "The supermodels all looked gorgeous and dream-like, larger-than-life perfection," recollects Barose. He chose to recreate Linda Evangelista's luminous, tawny look by using Dolce & Gabbana cosmetics to get the "smoky cat-eye, contoured cheeks, and perfect nude mouth. It's all nude, but not natural — this is not about looking au naturel."

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Photo: Courtesy of Touch Magazine/Mikey Asanin Luvmunkong.
The "Addicted To Love" girls from Robert Palmer's '80s hit were a makeup inspiration for many a girl, and continue to be a reference point for many beauty looks today. "These girls were definitely my introduction to Fierceness 101," says Barose. "When the video came out, everybody was going crazy over the makeup — it's definitely one of the best beauty looks in music-video history." Barose used Tom Ford products (who better to capture ferocious glamour?) to get the luminous matte skin, strong brows, dark and sexy smoky eyes, contoured cheeks, and super-glossy fire-engine red mouth that make up this iconic look.

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Photo: Courtesy of Touch Magazine/Mikey Asanin Luvmunkong.
"Life on Mars" Bowie? There are so many groundbreaking things with this video that it's hard to pinpoint just what makes it so amazing. Also, Bowie. 'Nuff said. "I love that whole androgynous boys-wearing-makeup thing. And it wasn't just some eyeliner — David Bowie really did wear makeup! I hope people do more of this these days." Keeping things authentic, Barose used a male model for this look and created the rock-star blue eyeshadow using all Marc Jacobs Beauty cosmetics.

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