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Sartorial Book Club: 6 Novel Looks To Pair With 2013's Literary Adventures

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    Here at R29 HQ, we're writing, researching, and reporting 'round the clock, so our pen and a chic little notepad are never far from reach. And, neither is our latest read, for that matter. Call us nerdy or even clingy, but when we've got a good book, that baby goes wherever we go, too. It should come as little surprise, really, that we harbor more than a few bookworms within our ranks. So, we decided to have a little fun with this season's New York Times best sellers and pair 'em with clothes and accessories inspired by each story's settings and characters. (Or, how we'd envision them, that is).

    Romance, horror, fantasy, suspense, the six books ahead (and their fashionable accoutrements) have us totally stoked for our next Saturday night in — which is happening this weekend, in case there was any doubt. Delve back into the worlds of Bridget Jones and Robert Langdon for their latest escapades, or discover a few new authors that we're itching to read. They're just a turn of the page click of the mouse away!

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