What's A Pre-Poo & Why Your Hair Might Need It

In the natural hair community, pre-poo doesn't raise any question marks. But, just outside that healthy hair guru group are those of us who wouldn't click on a title about pre-poo to save our lives (mostly because it sounds disgusting — yes our minds went there, too!). Yet pre-shampooing is a save-all for all hair types and for many hair issues, especially frizz, breakage, and split ends. So, how does it work and why?
Well, let's call out the elephant in the room: Why would you put something on your hair immediately before shampooing? It is just going to get washed out.
True! But not for the reasons you think.
Your wash-day routine (as it is typically known in the natural hair community, though you might just call it shampooing and conditioning) is the number one source for many of your hair woes. The amount of touching, manipulation, finger-combing, rubbing, pulling — you name it — that you do in the shower when it comes to your hair is plain terrible for it. There's really no other way to put it. But, as we all know, washing your hair is a necessity, for reasons that don't need to be called out. Your wash day is often the reason for so much breakage (which may be why your hair isn't growing long), frizz (especially on the back of your head — seriously, turn down the heat of your water!), and split ends (which split because of a loss of protein, moisture, and over-manipulation).
Here is where a pre-poo comes in handy — it will prep your hair for the damage to come and thus, lessen it.
Click through to learn all the basics of this strand-saving move.

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