Kenzo Asks Us To Save The Fish In A Conservation-Conscious Spring Collection

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    When it comes to making waves, you could say Kenzo has got a knack for it. If you've ever dreamed of sporting one of those famed tiger sweatshirts or loved the eye embellishments so much you had to DIY your own, then you know exactly what we mean. But for spring '14, Carol Lim and Humberto Leon went about creating a movement in a motion-of-the-ocean way.

    Blurred, fluid-like patterns were splashed across split-hem skirts that swished with each step and — in a more literal approach — a silver and blue fish pattern was used in minidresses and boxy jackets alike. Teaming with the Blue Marine Foundation, the newest Kenzo wares have been made with the intention of raising awareness for marine conservation. And, as hinted on the runway, the brand has created a line of men and women's tees and sweaters, called "No Waste, No Nothing," the sale of which will support the foundation that works to preserve endangered fish species. The shirts will be available beginning in January at Kenzo and other select retailers.

    Jump ahead to preview the entire new oceanic line — bucket hats and crisscross sandals, included.

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