Remember This? The 18 Celebrity Hairstyles You Totally Forgot

The celebrity face is omnipresent. We see the same faces day after day splashed across the Internet, billboards, newspapers, etc. Miley can change her lip color, her shade of tan, and her increasingly constricting cut of hot pant. But when do things get really interesting? When they mess with their hair.
From Miley's buzz cut to MObama's bangs, every small hair change in Hollywood becomes a news item, which means chops, dyes, and styles are well-documented. Sadly, so many appearance-revolutionizing decisions have been lost to the annals of time, forgotten and discarded like an outdated weave. Fortunately, we dug through the past and sifted through some truly surprising hair moments that, for a brief while, felt just as game-changing as Emma Watson going short or Rihanna's...well, everything.

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Photo: Araldo Di Crollalanza/REX USA
Cate Blanchett, 2000
Cate could wear a skunk on her head and still be an ethereal beauty, but with closely cropped hair, she resembles a younger Dianne Wiest, non?
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Photo: Erik Pendzich/REX USA
Jennifer Love Hewitt, 2001
Though some went through the "bottle blonde" phase, Jennifer got on board with the "bottle red," paying homage to the end of the '90s with a truly unnatural (but kind of cool, in retrospect) cranberry hue.
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Photo: Matt Baron/BEImages
Jenny McCarthy, 1999
The comedian and (at the time) game show hostess was known for being super, duper blonde — blonde bombshell was all a part of the appeal. But her jet-black hair (and the way it brought out her ocean-colored peepers) was hugely refreshing, and a great way to switch it up.
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Rihanna, 2005
For the first two years of her career, Rihanna was marketing alongside singers like Ciara and Ashanti, preferring not to push boundaries — fashion or otherwise. She rocked bangs pretty heavily, and consistently kept her hair long and curly (unlike these days, where she changes it up, like, every two seconds).
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Photo: Dave Lewis/REX USA
Drew Barrymore, 1998
Okay, for all you children of the '90s, this Barrymore's baby bangs certainly aren't forgotten, but celebrated: The poster girl for the decade. (However, at least in this writer's mind, this look was really early '90s, not 1998, right?) But the blunt fringe, the bleach-blonde tone, and the flowers — the whole thing encapsulated why we fell in love with Drew.
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Photo: REX USA
Scarlett Johansson, 2003
Whoa, there. We definitely like the idea that ScarJo had with her blonde Joan Jett vibe, but...but...just, but.
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Photo: R. Hepler/Everett/REX USA
Kelly Osbourne, 2002
If you don't remember this, then remember Kelly Osbourne's misguided musical career. (We love you Kels, but it was not the best decision.) In that era, Osbourne's hair changed daily. She brought punk to the red carpet, something that she has perfectly refined today.
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Photo: Erik Pendzich/REX USA
Jessica Simpson, 2003
Ah, yes — the two-toned bob. If we recall, this was actually a line of wigs that Jess was promoting, but the woman known for her long, luxurious golden locks surprised us all by taking it short. And, despite the very aughts hair color, we kind of like it, even today.
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Rosario Dawson, 2004
Whoa, Rosie! Vaguely, somewhere in the recesses of our collective mind, we remember the gorgeous star's blonde turn. To be honest, we'd get awfully tired of looking at this very bleached version of Dawson, but this blonde moment was so unexpected (also, note, her testament to how berry lip gloss can make an entire look), that we find ourselves tickled. Yep, tickled.
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Photo: Gregory Pace/BEImages
Michelle Williams, 2006
One day, we will tell our children about a simpler time, when we didn't want to wait for our lives to be over and we lived in an idyllic New England town and hung out with our pal Dawson. Jen Lindley had short hair then, and Michelle Williams has short hair now, but some time in between, she let her locks grow out...and it was wonderful.
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Photo: Matt Baron/BEImages
Cameron Diaz, 2006
Oh, yeah. We remember this. It is a little hazy, and we may have been bingeing hard on Future Sex / Love Sounds, but somewhere, the memory is there.
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Photo: REX USA
P!nk, 2000
When P!nk first came on the scene, the singer constantly sported fuchsia hair, which was a clever branding move, lest we forget her name. Now, her blonde hair is near ubiquitous, but never forget her (candy-colored) roots.
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Casey Affleck, 2007
And here is the younger Affleck brother taking a page from the book of Thicke. (Please note: Robin Thicke never actually had this hair, but he totally could have, right?)
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Photo: Rex USA
Rachel McAdams, 2007
We never forgot these Manic Panic highlights, which was an adorably cheeky wink from the star. However, it is interesting to note that when Hollywood experiments with dye, they almost always go for hot, hot pink.
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Photo: Alex J. Berliner/BEImages
Rachel Leigh Cook, 2001
Oh, this must have been for Rachel Leigh Cook's role as a cyberpunk hacker who has nerves of steel, but a heart of gold in that movie that never existed.
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Photo: Matt Baron/BEImages
Chloë Sevigny, 2001
Don't worry, Chloë. We all experimented with perms. Every single one of us.
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Halle Berry, 2001
No, this wasn't for a film — Halle actually was just wearing her hair long. After years and years of having different varieties of short hair (from curly to straight), seeing Halle's hair both long and up is giving us Sally Field vibes.
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Photo: REX USA/Ken Towner/Evening Standard/Rex
Gwenyth Paltrow, 1997
If the Internet had a stronger presence when Gwenyth cut her hair short, it would have exploded, imploded, and then exploded again. Even pre-gossip sites, the world at large was pretty taken aback to learn that Brad Pitt-era Paltrow was actually a secret garden nymph in disguise.