8 Bizarre Personal Ads On Chicago Craigslist

With online sites like Match.com and eHarmony playing the role of cupid these days, who really uses personal ads anymore? Well, Chicago Craigslist does, and while we're firm believers you can find love in a hopeless place, there's something about a mysterious, picture-less post that makes us a little skeptical. Even so, if you're feeling down and out about your current relationship status, take a peek at these eight bizarre ads. We have a hunch you'll start to feel more content about those cozy nights in at home — by yourself.
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It's a good thing this ad calls for no sex, our "bearded and bespectacled" friends. We really don't think it would mix with a DIY project or a thought-provoking conversation about a zombie apocalypse. Click here to read the entire post.
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Hmmm...she must have gotten hooked on the Fifty Shades series — good luck finding a Christian Grey-type on Craigslist. Click here to view the entire post.
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Awkward silence? How about awkward post? And, something tells us he just peppered in that movie line to look a little less hypersexual. Click here to read the entire post.
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Um, sounds like she could use a divorce — not a Craigslist fling. And, seriously, let's give her hubby a little credit. At least he has a real hobby. Click here to read the entire post.
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While he doesn't exactly sound like Prince Charming, you did only break one leg. So, it sounds like a real crutch might be the solution here — and then you can hobble your way out of that relationship, stat. Click here to read the entire post.
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We don't want to sound prude, but we'd love to know what "much, much more" entails. Once you've done the Spiderman kiss, you've done it all. Click here to read the entire post.
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A deep emotional attachment to a band named after the band's smoking habits and a Chicago street gang? We don't need to ask a thing...Click here to read the entire post.
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Who exactly is the GOOFBALL in this scenario? Click here to read the entire post.