Rebecca Taylor's Beauty Inspiration: Kate Moss, DIY Stylists, &...Barbie?!

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    If you thought the '90s revival was going to be a one-season thing, think again. We've been seeing tons of '90s references during the first half of New York Fashion Week, and Rebecca Taylor's interpretation of the decade may be the easiest to wear off the runway. Worn-in makeup and undone waves? This is pretty much our usual Saturday night look.

    "Rebecca always likes a girl who's kind of tough — a cool, downtown girl," explained key makeup artist Sil Bruinsma. So, he kept the skin bare as much as possible, using concealer when necessary. Defined, full, almost feathery brows framed a heavily smudged, "lived-in" eye look created with MAC Eye Kohl in Prunella and MAC Kohl Power in Feline. (Just before the show, Bruinsma's team added gloss on the eye — a for-the-runway-only technique for those of us who aren't aiming for late-'70s Alice Cooper.) The one bit of ladylike polish? Nails, by MAC's Keri Blair, were custom-blended to create a raspberry red on fingertips; toes were painted with MAC nail lacquer in P.S. None for a "synthetic, Barbie-like look."

    Hair, too, came from the early Kate Moss era. Lead stylist Rutger was inspired by girls doing their own hair. "It's grungy glamour," he said. "It evolved into this girl with a doing-your-own-hair feel. It's strong, cool, and ladylike." Stylists wound large sections of hair around curling irons to create bends, not curls; for texture, they used Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray at the roots. "The '90s were a raw time," Rutger remarked. "And, such a good era for cool hair."

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