Dine On Rachel Comey's Spring Show

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    Those of us (and we mean YOU, too) who have been following Rachel Comey's every move since she launched her namesake line more than a decade ago remember the early days well. When she debuted revolutionary menswear — well before the NYC dawn of skinny suits and Greenpoint-approved footwear. When she revealed Academia-chic knitwear and boy-meets-girl suits and separates in the gymnasium of a Soho public school — well before unconventional spaces were a "thing." And back then, she, quiet and laser-focused, feverishly pinned and primped models in a summer sweat before they emerged from what honestly seemed like a broom closet. Yes, a broom closet.

    Rachel Comey is as real as it gets — a New York institution unto herself — and yet, with dozens of seasons of enigmatic, trend-starting clothing under her skinny red belt, she remains a revolutionary with a purpose. She designs for real women, like herself, with strong opinions, big aspirations, and a view to the world that is at once radical and romantic. No one gets older in Comey's world. They just get cooler and more interesting. And that is exactly what we got from her latest collection, which she showed, in perfect Comey style, in an ancient vaulted Red Hook building accompanied by a tiny private dinner and a heart-swelling performance by another New York institution, Justin Vivian Bond. Yeah, there were a few tears.

    Even though BFDs in attendance (Rashida Jones, Zosia Mamet, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Cindy Sherman, Greta Gerwig, Miss Posey) brought some major lady power to this intimate affair, nothing could distract us from the models inconspicuously weaving in and out of our tables. It was a classic Comey collection with strong lines, daring shapes, and alluring juxtapositions, like feathers with frayed edges and shower shoes that were surprisingly luxe. That contradiction is an RC signature, and a sort of symbol of what we evolving, complicated gals are all about. Taking women from timeless short suits and printed slip dresses to summer velvet and crimson lace...it's all in a day's work for the woman we all look up to — fans and fellow designers alike. Yes, come the turn of the calendar and the next warm spell, we know exactly what we'll be wearing (you know Connie and I already pre-ordered those shower shoes!). #teamuglyshoes

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