4 Way-Cool Leather Looks That Break The Moto-Jacket Mold

Photo: Courtesy of Style.com.
Your standard work sheath comes in black polyester…or gray polyester, which makes us sadder than when our lunch goes “missing” from the communal fridge. For a more fashion-forward work day, skip the poly altogether, and replace it with on-trend oxblood leather — conservatively chic accessories keep the look in line.
Finally got a reservation at that swanky new Salvadoran restaurant? Then you’ll want to make sure you’re seen, of course! Make your entrance in sweet coral, a raspberry clutch, and flirt-ready eyes from Guerlain — and definitely have the pan dulce for dessert.
We love a leather miniskirt that's styled the opposite of babely. A slouchy chic sweater, cool-girl sneaks, and sleek backpack are all you need to make it completely modern — and still pretty babely, after all.
If full-length leather isn’t your thing, use it as a waist-defining detail to add maximum impact to a simple shift dress. Add some accessories in the ever-cool black-and-white palette, plus a roaring red lip for a girls’-night-out look with major spark.
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Illustrated by Katelyn Kappel.