Are Flared Miniskirts Having A Moment?

Photographed by Mark Iantosca.
9-5Keep a flared mini’s flirty side under wraps at the office with a chunky-knit pullover and demure, English-rose blouse that’ll look fab on its own come happy hour.
date-nightFall’s the perfect time to play with rich — well, autumnal hues. Think royal purple, emerald green, and intense oxblood — sounds a lot more fun than basic black, right?
weekend-warriorGive those skinnies a break, already! Make a cute printed mini the centerpiece of your weekend look instead — we promise, even a daringly short length feels totally doable (and adorable) with your favorite slouchy parka and chambray shirt.
after-hoursThe fluted miniskirt really shines after dark. Make the most of this coquettish shape with a crop top, cutout shoes, and drop earrings. Don’t worry — a slick, tailored blazer keeps the hot-stuff factor just this side of subtle.
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Illustrated by Katelyn Kappel.