Fall Hair: New Looks, New Heights

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    Let's get this out of the way: Long, healthy, mermaid hair will never stop being enviably gorgeous. When summer ends and the cooler temps allow everyone to finally (and literally) let their hair down, we're usually dazzled by the reappearance of flowing tresses. But, as we ease into fall this time around, the hair we're most excited about is the hair that's doing it a little differently. And, by a little, we mean a lot. It seems the time is nigh for women to take the plunge into hair that's bolder, edgier, and more daring.

    Fall is a time for reinvention and renewal, and based on what we've seen so far, this means more extreme angles, shorter lengths, brighter colors, greater heights, and a delightful smattering of asymmetry. The best part? It's all completely wearable. Lest anyone worry that fall's prettiest new cuts won't work for them, we rounded up our favorite looks for all kinds of hair types and face shapes. There's a hair reinvention in here for every level of bravery, too — from styles that are simply a cool twist on a throwback 'do (pigtails, anyone?) to an androgynous crop that takes the pixie to a whole new level.

    We couldn't be more excited for this tectonic shift in hairstyles. If this is the future of hair, count us in.

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