18 Ways To Supersize Your Tiny Flat

The letting agent called it “cosy” and “intimate.” You call it “claustrophobic” and “bound to make a food truck look spacious.” Trust us, we know that living in the Big Smoke in a teeny-tiny flat is no fun. It is, however, a great opportunity to get creative and put your strategic decorating skills to the test.
Along with some space-maximising tricks of the trade, we’ve rounded up 18 home items guaranteed to make the most of your puny place. From transparent furniture to light-reflecting objets d’art, these must-have home buys will create the illusion of extra space and help you feel comfortable, not crammed.
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Avoid bulky furniture in favour of slim pieces with visible legs. The extra space creates a lighter feeling.

Anthropologie Pink Ditte Sofa, £2,199.95, available at Anthropologie.
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Furniture that can be moved from room to room is a must for small flats. A multipurpose cart can be used as a drinks caddy for parties, a book shelf, or a nightstand, as required.

Normann Copenhagen Mint Block Table, £180, available at Bodie and Fou.
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Semi-sheer, translucent furniture feels airier than solid wood or upholstered pieces. Bonus: We love the futuristic effect and poppy colour options!

Made Jelly Chairs, £149 for a pair, available at Made.
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Here's a trick designers swear by: Using reflective objects, such as a bronze vase or these metallic orbs, to throw natural light around a small space. Smart and simple.

West Elm Silver Orbs, £6-£7.50, available at West Elm.
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Round up your favourite prints to create a gallery wall. Having multiple prints on the wall causes the eyes to slow down and notice each piece rather than the lack of space. Sneaky, huh?

Dear Colleen Diamond Signed Print, £19, available at Etsy.
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Slim, stackable, and extremely versatile, nesting tables are a great choice when space is limited.

Habitat Kilo Multi-coloured Metal Nest of 3 Side Tables, £70, available at Habitat.
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You're so vain? Hardly. Mirrors are crucial to reflecting light and making stuffy rooms feel more spacious.

Kartell Only Me Mirror, £161, available at Aria.
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Uplighting, a.k.a. pointing light upward in order to visually expand the space, is a term that every den-dweller should know. Tall floor lamps (or "torchieres") can be used to send the light up, not down, but we're also partial to a sleeker, more stylish option like this metallic model.

Tom Dixon Bronze Copper Shade Floor Lamp, £370, available at Nest.
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If low ceilings are the bane of your existence, tall furniture isn't necessarily the way to go. Instead, invest in a slim wingback or butterfly chair that sits low and back. It'll open up the space better.

Hans Wegner Butterfly Easy Chair, £999, available at John Lewis.
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Crowding your surfaces with miniature knickknacks and an array of small picture frames creates clutter your teeny space can't really afford. Instead, play with scale by opting for one large standout piece that makes a stylistic statement.

Maison Martin Margiela Oversized Snow Globe, £130, available at Net-A-Porter.
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When space is at a premium, certain things must be sacrificed. Case in point: arm rests on dining chairs, which take up too much space around the table. Stick with a lean, arm-less option instead, in a lightweight material.

House By John Lewis Jasper Dining Chair, £39, available at John Lewis.
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Yes, you'll have to break out the glass cleaner fairly often, but an open, reflective table works wonders at maximising your space. Think sleek, not solid.

Dwell Reflect Mirrored Coffee Table, £319, available at Dwell.
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Finding storage space can be a major issue when your flat is on the teeny-weeny side. With a storage ottoman, however, you can secure seating and stash your power cords/junk/secret documents in one fell swoop. Genius.

Reims Safavieh Rose Storage Ottoman, £134.86, available at Overstock.
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Lighting is key to transforming a lacklustre flat. Knock out gloomy shadows with some table lamps and wall sconces, and keep the curtains open whenever possible.

Jason Miller Antler Wall Lamp, £325, available at SCP.
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Make a major statement (and play with scale) by treating your home to oversized letters. Going big and bold helps transform the space, and even the simple act of reading can trick the eye into thinking a room is larger than it is.

Graham and Green Metal Letter LED Lights, £330, available at Graham and Green.
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Translucent? Check. Nesting? Check. These icy blue tables check all the right boxes for a tiny flat.

Lychee Arc Glass Nest Of Tables, £279.30, available at 1st Furniture.
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King Midas was on to something. Reflective gold and other metallic objects are not only lovely to look at, they're also brilliant, unobtrusive ways to add light.

Michael Aram Lemonwood Dish Set, £87, available at Heal's.
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From bureaus to dressing tables to vanities, mirrored furniture feels clean, light, and irresistibly Art Deco. The bulky cedar wardrobe can wait for your next (hopefully palatial) flat.

Out There Interiors Mirrored Dressing Table, £395, available at Not On The High Street.