A Proenza-Inspired Bouquet You Can DIY

We've never fancied ourselves masters of floral arrangement. But when we tried Ovando's "Luminous Lillies" DIY earlier this summer, we had our eureka moment. We weren't so bad at this flower business after all! Now, our favorite NYC floral shop brings us a Proenza Schouler-inspired DIY, "Mokara Mon Amour." We're ready to test our our newfound green thumb if you are. Click through to see the step by step.
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Photo: Courtesy of Ovando.
- 6 bunches of steel grass
- 10 stems of orange Mokara orchids
- 10 x 2 x 15 glass vase
- 3 anthuriums
- 2 airplants
- floral wire {bind wire}

1. Separate your steel grass into two equally thick bunches.
2. Feed the first bunch down into your vase, working along the right side of the vase. Repeat with the second bunch on the left side of vase, working to form a teardrop-shaped loop. Use bind wire to attach the two steel-grass bunches together at the point of intersection, just at the lip of the vase. The ends of both bunches extend on in an upward angle to form a “V” shape in mid-air.
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Photo: Courtesy of Ovando.
3. Make a bouquet with your Mokara orchids. Trim your stems and adhere with bind wire.
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Photo: Courtesy of Ovando.
4. Gently poke the stems of your Mokara bouquet into the top end of the your (left-side) steel-grass loop. Adhere using bind wire.
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Photo: Courtesy of Ovando.
5. Trim your anthuriums and poke the stems into the front end of the (right-side) steel-grass bunch. The first anthurium should be positioned near the lip of your vase and you can work upwards from there with the remaining two anthuriums. Make certain that the stems are tucked far down enough into your vase so that your anthuriums can drink.

6. Tie your two air plants together with bind wire, then adhere air plants to the grass loop.
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Photo: Courtesy of Ovando.
The finished arrangement.