The 5 Smartest Ways To Save Money

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    If you had your own TV show, it'd be less Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous and more Diary of an Obsessive Overdrafter, wouldn't it? We get it: Scoring those half-off Prada trousers does seem way more exciting than paying council tax, and who can possibly be bothered to wait up for a night bus when a fancy, comfy cab is just a stretched arm away?

    Ahem. Stop that immediately. It's time to change your ways.

    Living outside your means comes (literally) at a hefty cost, leaving you with a maxed-out credit card, a bank account that's in the red, and a pile of angry notices from your creditors.

    The time has come to start playing it safe by getting your finances back on track, and we've found 5 amazing experts who can tell you just how to get started. Read on to see how you can save up for a new holiday, what purchases are a total waste of money, and why sample sales should actually be avoided — yes, really!

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