Our Most Daring Hair Makeovers Yet!

At R29, we may seem like we're on the cutting edge of fashion, beauty and style — and we aim to be. Well, except when it comes to one thing: our hair. Although we're happy to sport jumpsuits one day and culottes the next, changing up our hair — permanently — is decidedly more scary than sporting a daring new fashion for a day. We've all heard (or experienced) horror stories related to getting a daring cut or dye job, so we usually opt out of the whole hair makeover thing, letting our locks play second fiddle to our bold outfit choices.
Well, guess what happened next? We got bored — and decided to dare ourselves to try bold new hair looks. From our executive creative director's haphazard blonde streaks, to project manager Jem's half-shaved (!) head, our staffers (along with the incredibly talented team at Rita Hazan) broke the hairdo mold with their brave new styles. Click through to learn about all five R29ers' new looks, and tell us — are you inspired to try a new 'do?
All hair cuts, color, and styling by Rita Hazan Salon.
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Photographed by Bek Andersen.
Piera Gelardi, executive creative director

"I've been growing out my hair, and it was starting to feel a little bit heavy and shapeless —especially for the summer — so I was ready for a change. I wanted to lighten up the cut, add more shape, and bring out my natural wave.

"My original inspiration for the color was M.I.A., when she had really piece-y chunks of blonde. I wanted to do something extreme with my hair, since it's been my natural color for a long time."
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Photographed by Bek Andersen.
"I love the cut! It really brings out my natural wave and has a lot more shape. Overall, I think the look is modern Farrah Fawcett."
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Photographed by Bek Andersen.
"The final color was a little different from what I envisioned — I wanted something very messy and edgy — but I think it's really pretty, and it brightens me up. It's great for summer, but I may end up going even more extreme for Fashion Week!"
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Photographed by Bek Andersen.
Jem Michael, project manager/producer

"I was lukewarm about my 'before' look. It was the first short cut I'd done since I was about 13 years old, so it was a fun change, but I didn't feel like it was the perfect cut for me.

"The half-shave is a trend that's been going around for awhile, and I've always thought it looked really cool, but was too much of a chicken to try it out. I've always identified sexiness with long hair, so going short — let alone having a high top fade — was just too much for me to digest.

"The morning of my cut, I woke up panicked. I'd forgotten to think about what I wanted, but luckily my boyfriend, who's obsessed with Rihanna, pulled up some images of her with a shaved head, so that's what I went with."
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Photographed by Bek Andersen.
"I love my new look! I feel like a star. Being mixed, my hair texture is unique, and can be difficult to work with. But, when I met with my stylist, I knew I was in good hands!"
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Photographed by Bek Andersen.
"Short hair is super-sexy, and super-edgy. I feel like it really complements the shape of my face!"
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Photographed by Bek Andersen.
Willow Lindley, assistant fashion editor

"I love my summery, beachy hair, but it was starting to look more sea-creature-esque than surfer-chic. I wanted something new that was more polished, but also had a bit of an edge to it — without making me look like an angsty teenager, of course!

"I was incredibly nervous before my appointment. I'm new to hair color, and I definitely started second-guessing my decision, but the staff was incredibly reassuring."
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Photographed by Bek Andersen.
"I think that this look totally suits me! I love the shorter, healthier cut, and the surprising flash of color."
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Photographed by Bek Andersen.
"I kind of want to keep my streak permanently, so that I can change the color up constantly, like a hair mood ring!"
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Photographed by Bek Andersen.
Samantha Yu, editorial assistant

"I really liked that there were lots of different things that I could do with my long hair. I could braid it, pull it back into a ponytail, flip it into a top knot, and secure it into a low side bun. My hair had been long for a while, and I had become very comfortable with it.

"That being said, I was long overdue for a haircut, so when the opportunity arose to make an exciting change, I jumped on it! The hot summer weather made shorter hair very appealing. And the idea of a 'long bob' made the change sound reasonable, and not too scary.

"The morning of, I was nervous! I began to miss my long hair before I'd even parted with it. Eugene, my stylist, was great, though — I knew I was in good hands."
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Photographed by Bek Andersen.
"I'm a fan of the finished look! It's great that it's so light, and that it takes much less time to dry."
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Photographed by Bek Andersen.
"My new look definitely feels edgier, and I'm having fun with that! I haven't quite figured out how to style it on a daily basis, but I'm learning...."
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Photographed by Bek Andersen.
Gina Marinelli, assistant editor

"I've always been a brunette, and having fallen into a complete beauty comfort zone, I jumped at the chance to go red. It was a bit of an impulsive decision, but red's the only other hair color I'd ever thought would suit me. I figured if there was ever a time and place to do it, this would be it!

"Frankly, I don't think I realized what I had gotten myself into until I was sitting in the chair at Rita Hazan and the colorist, Adrian, revealed my freshly bleached blonde locks — a result of the initial stripping of my natural color. That's when I freaked out a little bit. I may have not-so-jokingly told Adrian I could really use a shot. But, soon I was really excited to see the final look."
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Photographed by Bek Andersen.
"I was very happy when I looked in the mirror when my color was complete! So many different redheads came to mind when I considered my own new color — Julianne Moore, Emma Stone, The Little Mermaid, and our own editor-in-chief, Christene."
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Photographed by Bek Andersen.
"My new hair feels exciting and fun, just as I hoped, but still very much like me. It was just what this hair-color-virgin could have hoped for! I love my new hair, and I've already decided that I'm going to be sticking with red for a while."
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