Guess Which Designer Just Unveiled His First Campaign?

London Fashion Week’s It designer, J.W. Anderson, has just became even an even bigger deal, with the reveal of his first-ever ad campaign. Just as awesome as the collection it's showcasing, the new campaign from J.W. Anderson is edgy and contemporary, and it places the label's high-flying potential in direct competition with the big spenders we all know and love, from the ad pages of our favorite glossies.
With an air of ‘90s nonchalance, the campaign, photographed by Jamie Hawkesworth and styled by Benjamin Bruno, will be used across publications, stores, and flyers, to promote the men's and women's fall ’13 collections. Speaking about his decision to create a campaign, the Irish designer says, “I never have any self-control; we just thought why not? Let's do it. I'm really happy with them, they really sum us up. Obviously there will be a pressure to do still lifes of bags. But I think ultimately it has to sell a dream. Buying into something that's a character, that's what's exciting — and trying to find a unique image to us stylistically is very difficult." Seems the man isn't ready to sell out just yet. Keep on living the dream Mr Anderson, keep on living the dream. (Vogue)
Photo: Courtesy of JW Anderson.