12 Yogi Approved Foot Care Products

While we always emerge from a good yoga flow feeling grounded, sometimes our mind wanders during practice, and we start thinking more about our toes than that yoga pose. Is it us, or do yoga teachers have the market cornered on smooth feet and above-average pedicures? We asked six of our favorite local instructors to dish about their favorite foot-care products — and tell us how they stay on their toes. Read on for their expert toe tips.
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Catherine Aldana: yoga instructor at Equinox
“I love Essie’s ‘Ole Caliente’ [nail polish] because it looks good on my skin tone—particularly in the summer, when I tend to be tanner.”

“Everyone lotion from Whole Foods is my go-to moisturizer for everything—face, body, hands, and especially my feet. I love the citrus and mint scent, and enjoy how the lotion itself is gentle and light, yet extremely hydrating. It also dries off really fast, which is important when I’m getting ready in the morning, and putting on super tight workout pants every day.”

“If I get my nails done, I go to Colorful Nails in Lincoln Park. Colorful Nails offers a deal for a $28 mani-pedi Monday through Thursday and they do a good, fast job—which I appreciate.”

What about yoga keeps you on your toes?
“Teaching yoga for a living literally keeps me on my toes because I'm always running around from studio to studio on every form of transportation. Also, practicing a handstand definitely requires a lot of jumping off your toes! Yoga is what motivates me every day to get things done, take care of myself, and enjoy everything that comes my way.”

Essie Nail Polish in Ole Caliente, $8, available at Essie; Everyone Lotion, $9.99, available at EOProducts; Colorful Nails, 2258 North Lincoln Avenue (at West Belden Avenue); 773-529-9659.
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Stacy Levy: founder of Aura Yoga and Wellness
“I love Zoya. They make great non-toxic polishes that last for weeks. Charisma is a great purple for toes. It's deep enough of a hue that is flattering for all skin types, but bright enough for summer.”

“I love [Gold Coast soap shop] Sabon. I love the packaging, the scents, the aesthetic of the store—it's just lovely. Their products are super feminine and elegant. I use many of their products, and the Patchouli Lavendar Vanilla Scent in my favorite. For feet, they have a loofah soap in Lavendar that is great for exfoliation of of dead skin. I also use their Foot Scrub to exfoliate, and top it off with the Organic Foot Cream to moisturize and make my feet baby-soft. Sabon's products are also Paraben and Mineral-Oil Free.”

“I have been using Ahava products for years and years. The Intensive Cream is super thick and nourishing. If my feet feel really dry, I slather it on and sleep in socks, and my feet are soft and smooth by morning!”

What about yoga keeps you on your toes?
“Yoga is a daily practice of balancing effort with letting go. Every time I get on my mat, there is always more. The challenge is to move through it all with as much grace and self-compassion as possible. And that keeps me on my toes.”

Zoya Nail Polish in Charisma, $8, available at Zoya; Sabon Products, available at Sabon, 108 North State Street (at Maple Street); 312-357-1234; Ahava Intensive Foot Cream, $26.50, available at Ahavaus.
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Claire Mckeveny: yoga and Core Fusion instructor, Exhale
“Lush's Lemony Flutter is a staple in my foot-care routine. The deep moisture helps repair rough, dry heels in the winter—and we know Chicago has some long ones!”

“I usually stick to clean, nude toes and the best is SpaRitual's Meditate Collection. The colors are juicy and rich, and the polish is less harmful then other brands.”

“Exhale Spa's cozy grip socks keep my feet warm in the studio, and the special rubber dots on the sole keep me from slipping! They offer safety and comfort!”

What about yoga keeps you on your toes?
“Getting off my toes and upside down! Inversions are great for mental clarity and keep things playful on the mat. A quick headstand when I feel stressed or frazzled will bring me right back to the present moment, feeling re-energized and focused.”

Lush Lemony Flutter, $16.95, available at Lush; SpaRitual Meditate Nail Lacquer, $12, available at Zappos; Exhale Grip Socks, $12, available at Exhale.
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Lara Hudson, creator and founder of the Mercury Method
“Being barefoot most of the day makes my feet dry and cracked so I use CeraVe Moisturizing Cream every night. I keep a big jar of it on my night stand and slather it on, slip socks over my feet, and the next day my feet are soft and beautiful.”

“Sleep Aromatherapy Sugar Scrub is a body scrub from Bath & Body Works, but I use it on my feet. What I love about it is it uses sugar as the exfoliant instead of salt. Salt can sometimes sting if you have any kind of small abrasions on the skin—sugar is just as effective but not as astringent. The sugar also melts as you scrub, which feels so good and makes the skin really soft. I love the lavender-vanilla, but they also have other aromas such as refreshing eucalyptus-spearmint.”

What about yoga keeps you on your toes?
“Yoga always seems to tell me what I need. Through the practice of moving through the asanas, my body talks to me, asking me for certain things it needs at that moment. Perhaps I'm feeling a bit run- down, yoga tells me to breathe more deeply to promote energy and circulation. Maybe I'm feeling strong and capable—yoga asks me to reach for a deeper experience. Maybe, through the poses, my body tells me it's under stress, tight, stiff — through yoga, I can turn my attention toward pliancy, flexibility, openness... Through the mental meditation of yoga, I create a dance of call-and-response between my body and my mind. It reminds me that the power of transformation is within me, all I need to do is listen!”

CeraVe Moisturizing Cream, $12.99, available at Drugstore.com; Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Sugar Scrub, $16, available at Bath & Body Works.
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Claire Hurwitz-Staszak: yoga instructor at Tula Yoga and the Lincoln Park Zoo
“Aveda Foot Relief is the perfect lotion for tired and dry feet, and it has a great smell. And Aveda Smoothing Body Polish is awesome for the whole body, but I love using it on my feet to make them super soft.”

“The Body Shop’s nail brush is great at getting under nails and keeping toes clean.”

What about yoga keeps you on your toes?
"Life is constantly changing, everything is in flux — you've got to be on your toes! Sometimes that's easy, but more often, it's a real challenge to always be adapting to what life throws your way. My yoga practice helps to keep me connected to what I need in the moment, both mentally and physically. If you can tune into what you really need and want, you'll be better at adapting to whatever comes your way. And, of course, you'll have flexible and happy feet too!”

Aveda Foot Relief, $21 and Aveda Smoothing Body Polish, $28, available at Aveda; The Body Shop Wooden Nail Brush, $5, available at The Body Shop.
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Cassi Stuckman: instructor at Tula Yoga Studio
“I use Booda Organics’ Boda Butter on my feet at night.” “I wear Adorn toenail polish because it’s free from toxins such as Phthalate, Toluene, and Formaldehyde, it's vegan and not tested on animals. My favorite color is Amethyst.”

What about yoga keeps you on your toes?
“Teaching a yoga class is always a completely unique experience. You never know who will show up on the mat, or what we will learn from each other. Yoga means so many different things to people and it's continually inspiring to see why people come to the mat.”

Booda Organics Booda Butter, $38, available at Booda Organics; Adorn Cosmetics Nail Polish in Amethyst, $34, available at Adorn Cosmetics.