Run This Town: Our Gym Playlist

slideClockwise from left Photo: Courtesy of Beyonce; Icona Pop; Ciara; Sophie
When it comes to working out, sometimes it feels impossible not to side with Joan Rivers, who declared, "The first time I see a jogger smiling, I'll consider it." Yes, it's true — enthusiasm can be pretty hard to muster when it comes to hitting the pavement for a run. That said, we do our best to make workouts as enticing as possible, whether it be treating ourselves to a group cycling event or dangling a pair of chic running shoes in front of our commute to the gym.
Still, nothing combats fitness malaise like a boost from our headphones. The right mix of songs will get your tush out of the door and on the track, and it may even provide that extra oomph to help you achieve that extra mile, that extra rep, or that extra minute, even. So, we've put together a brand-new playlist featuring some of our favorite workout tracks. From alt-pop hits to raucous jams, these are songs that will help you move, and maybe even put a smile on your face (eat it, Joan!).
Click through for each song, and to the end for the full shebang! (Or, open up the playlist in your Spotify here.)
disclosure-settlePhoto: Courtesy of Disclosure
"When A First Starts To Burn"
With its unlikely yet amazing sample from an Eric Thomas sermon, "When A Fire Starts to Burn" is Disclosure at its head-bobby, catchy best. And, who better than a minister to push you through the toughest workouts?
tnght-highergroundPhoto: Courtesy of TNGHT
"Higher Ground"
Hard-hitting. Spare. Epic. "Higher Ground" sees Lunice and HudMo coming together for a huge beat that adds new energy to any situation (the gym, for instance).
kanye-yeezusPhoto: Courtesy of Kanye
Kanye West
"Black Skinhead"
With its industrial stomp and aggressive lyrics, "Black Skinhead" is basically meant for getting in the workout zone. Maybe that's why CGI Kanye looked so buff in the new video.
annie-tube-stops-and-lonely-heartsPhoto: Courtesy of Annie
"Tube Stops and Lonely Hearts"
Annie's first new piece of music after a long hiatus shows her back in top form, with a meandering collaboration alongside producers Xenomania and Ville Haimala. It's a '90s-inflected tune with a pulsating beat that would go well with a SoulCycle sesh.
sophie-bipp_ellePhoto: Courtesy of Sophie
Built form a tiny snippet of a sample and filled with cavernous space, up-and-coming producer Sophie creates a bizarre, catchy piece of bass-music with just a few perfectly placed elements. You'll want to run to this one on repeat.
ciara-ciaraPhoto: Courtesy of Ciara
"I'm Out"
Ciara made a triumphant return this year with a new self-titled album, and "I'm Out" is the fierce first track. Nicki Minaj, on her guest spot, even sounds ready to pump some serious iron of her own.
azealia-banks-yung-rapunxelPhoto: Courtesy of Azealia Banks
Azealia Banks
"Yung Rapunxel"
With a harder edge than usual, "Yung Rapunxal" seed Banks ripping through a clattering beat like her life depended on it. Remember: This is a sprint, not a marathon.
haim-foreverPhoto: Courtesy of HAIM
"Forever (Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas)"
Given the remix treatment from space-disco kings Lindstrøm and Prins Thomas, "Forever" becomes a sparkly piece of dance floor (or elliptical machine) bliss.
asapferg-shabbaPhoto: Courtesy of A$AP Ferg
A$AP Ferg feat. A$AP Rocky
A little woozy for the gym, "Shabba" nonetheless can get you in the zone for a warm-up. The aggressive verse from Ferg, though, should keep you sufficiently pumped.
fuck-buttons-slow-focusPhoto: Courtesy of Fuck Buttons
Fuck Buttons
"Prince's Prize"
Who better than the band that soundtracked the Olympic ceremonies to boost your workout?! Yes, that's right — and this particular off-kilter beat has a weird way of pushing you forward (towards gold, of course!).
rustie-triadzzPhoto: Courtesy of Rustie
Huge tune from a guy who treats energy like alchemy — pulling it from thin air. If this doesn't increase your blood flow, we don't know what will.
icona-pop-girlfriendPhoto: Courtesy of Icona Pop
Icona Pop
The new queens of anthemic pop have another slick smash on their hands. Just try not to sing along on your stairmaster to this one.
Donna Summer
"I Feel Love"
Disco has a weird way of making a workout more fun, and this Giorgio Morodor-produced classic is one of our staples. And, at over eight minutes, it's long enough to burn some serious calories.
alunageorge-bodymusicPhoto: Courtesy of AlunaGeorge
"This Is How We Do It"
An unlikely cover by the British R&B duo, this is the perfect hit for getting you sweat on. Just hearing Aluna Francis take on Montell Jordan's hook should inspire some interesting calisthenics.
beyonce-4Photo: Courtesy of Beyoncé
"Schoolin' Life"
Who better than Bey to help you hone those abs? "Schoolin' Life" is basically a single-serving ode to getting your fitness on and being the best you can be.
lone-airglow-firesPhoto: Courtesy of Lone
"Airglow Fires"
Expansive electronic producer Lone hits just the right vibe of hypnotic and propulsive. This is a long jog-slash-cool-down soundtrack for the 22nd century.
Classixx-All-Youre-Waiting-For-featPhoto: Courtesy of Classixx
Classixx feat. Nancy Whang
"All You're Waiting For"
LCD Soundsystem's Nancy Whang brings a huge hook to this house number. In a perfect world, this would be blasting in every gym 'round town — on repeat.
mia-bring-the-noize-videoPhoto: Courtesy of M.I.A.
"Bring The Noize"
With its stutter-step beat and ultra-focused rhymes, "Bring The Noise" is a prime workout tune. Just do what Maya says and "pump up the volume."
Daft-Punk-Helmets-Columbia-Album-artworkPhoto: Courtesy of Daft Punk
Daft Punk
While most of the new Daft Punk album was more like cruise ship material (although cruises do house gyms, we guess), "Contact" is an epic jam with serious energy. Save this one for your Hail Mary pass.

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