3 Sultry Hairstyles Using Summer's Hottest Accessories!

With June gloom in our rearview mirror, and Karl The Fog thinking about vacation, it’s safe to declare that summer is (kinda) in the city! And, with this changing of the winds, we’re gladly swapping out beanies and booties for sunhats and sandals. But, we’re left wondering: What are the best ways to make those tried-and-true summer accessories look fresh this season?
Luckily, we’ve answered on our own call with a trio of sweet (and simple!) DIY hairstyles that’ll have you reaching record-breaking temps this season! Whether it’s a classic floppy hat or a pair of timeless vintage sunnies, we’ve got your manes covered with just the right ’dos to pair with each embellishment. Just click through for the oh-so-sultry looks. Gearing up for summer never looked so good!

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Photographed by Aeschleah DeMartino
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Look 1: Tuck And Roll
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Step 1: Fold a light silk scarf so it is approximately three feet long, place it at your crown, and wrap backward securing into a knot at the base of the head.

Tip: To hide loose ends, tuck and wrap the scarf into itself.
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Step 2: Take a two-inch section of hair from the left and begin rolling it upward, tucking it into the scarf, making sure it's secure. Continue from left to right until all hair is loosely tucked up, covering the back of the scarf.
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Step 3: Secure with hair pins where needed, and prepare to wow this summer.
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A side view of the pretty 'do.
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And, voila! The perfect summer style to cover up roots and keep stray hairs at bay!
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Look 2: The Perfectly Imperfect Roll
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Step 1: Create a deep side part.
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Step 2: Section the hair on the top of the head from the ear forward, and begin backcombing one-inch sections, until the entire section is teased.

Tip: Mist with hairspray in between each section to ensure maximum lift.
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Step 3: Pull the teased section forward, away from the forehead, and lightly smooth with your fingers, leaving some of the backcombed texture. Then, begin to loosely twist the hair back away from the face.
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Step 4: Once twisted, press the section against the temple and secure with a pin. Continue twisting and pinning until you reach just behind the ear.
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Step 5: Combine all of the remaining hair at the base of the neck. Secure with an elastic into a low ponytail before twisting and pinning into a messy bun.
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Step 6: Use your fingers to pull the front twist to achieve a piecey, messy look.
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Complete the look by adding your favorite sunnies — or tuck them into your new ‘do for a little twist!
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Look 3: Floppin' Around
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Step 1: Using a messy center part, split hair down the middle with even sections on each side. Then, lightly mist each section with hairspray to give texture and prevent flyaways.
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Step 2: Using a small, clear elastic, secure hair in a low ponytail just below the ear on both sides.
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Step 3: Pull a small section of hair out of the ponytail, and pin it up to keep it out of the way.
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Step 4: Proceed to fishtail each ponytail. Begin by splitting the pony into two even sections. Take a small strand from the outside of one section, cross it over and combine with the opposite section, going from right to left. (Need a little more help learning to braid like this? Here's our fishtail braid tutorial.)
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Step 5: Loosen the braid by pulling lightly on both sides.
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Step 6: Unclip the excluded section and randomly weave the strand throughout the fishtail to create texture. Secure ends with an elastic.
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Step 7: Repeat steps four through six, work your way down the ponytail, and secure with an elastic once you reach the ends.
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Don your favorite floppy hat and hit the summer streets!