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Be Still Our Beating Hearts — It's Matches Fashion's Latest Collab

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    Like music to our ears, Matches Fashion has just announced its next designer collaboration. Drum roll, please… It’s a six-piece collection with Preen!

    The capsule collection combines Preen’s signature aesthetic, with its printed, pretty separates. Aiming for a wearable “new wave” vibe, graphic citrus flowers are scattered across the pieces creating striking contrasts for statement-making ensembles.

    Comprised of a chic tee, a sweater, two bottoms, and two dresses, the collection can be considered a one-stop shop for the perfect working wardrobe. Mixed up with a few white shirts, a blazer, and some jersey tees, trust us, no one in the office will notice when you’ve worn that print from Preen all week long.

    Photo: Courtesy of Matches Fashion

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