Take The Plunge! Fall Head Over Heels For These Vintage Wedding Dresses

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    Hear those wedding bells off in the distance? If you’re tying the knot anytime soon, our guess is that they are ringing loud and clear. Add to the mix all those shimmering, girlhood dreams of finding the dress of our dreams, and ladies — we have ourselves one serious task to tackle!

    So, though the trend is to opt for a brand-new gown or have one whipped up from scratch, there's something undeniably special — even magical — about stepping into a vintage frock. Each fold of delicate lace and every patch of detailed stitching beckons a world of stories and the enchantment of a previous love (or two, who's counting?). Ready to take the plunge? From stunning designer collectibles to charming retro finds, here are 23 reasons to go vintage on the big day.

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