Ready For Some Major Food Porn? The 10 Grub-Centric Blogs You Need To Bookmark

There's no shortage of exceptional food coverage happening in L.A. In fact, it's difficult to keep up with what feels like a spankin' new site launched on the daily. But fear not — it's time to slow down your (blog) roll and add some quality bookmarks to your browsing habits. To help you declutter, we've combed through the blogosphere to bring you ten awesome food bloggers who are making quite a stir, right here in our land of nom.
So, whether you're on the hunt for gluten-free recipes or a how-to on cooking with beer, or looking for the hottest date-night resto, we're dishing it up — left, right, and center. Just leave plenty of room for seconds...

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Adventures in Cooking

There’s something nostalgic about Eva Marie Kosmas’ photography. The light is moody, the table styled just so and each cake crumb effortlessly, yet perfectly in place. Did we mention we want to gobble up every recipe that gets posted?! We’re talking send-in-the-stretchy pants-it’s-time-to-feast style. Speaking of, could we get a lifetime supply of those PB & J Pavlovas over here, please?!

Photos courtesy of Eva Marie Kosmas.
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Aida Mollenkamp

We have a girl crush on Aida Mollenkamp — the woman can do no wrong. With two television shows and one massively informative cookbook under her belt, she continues to conquer the culinary world by storm. From easy, healthy recipes to tips on food prep and storage, this website is a go-to for anyone trying to find their way around the kitchen.

Photos Courtesy of Aida Mollenkamp
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Alex Thomopoulos

Alex is one funny lady. In fact, you never know what’s going to come out of her mouth. When something does, you’re usually caught in a mix of being stunned and in hysterics. Focusing on gluten-free recipes, this site will keep your plate full of everything from cocktails to desserts without missing one ounce of starch. Still hungry? Check out her youtube videos for bonus belly rolls.

Photos courtesy of Alex Thomopoulos.
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F For Food

If we could invite a blog's dishes over for dinner (and dessert), this is it. Not only are the photos magazine-worthy, each and every recipe manages to skyrocket to the top of our “must make” wish list. From playful waffle ice-cream sammies to savory lamb and eggs, Elliot and Fred take us through a journey of their life while generating a love-fest feast for both our eyes and our stomachs. F is indeed for food…but also for fabulous.

Photos Courtesy of F For Food.
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Freut Cake

If a website could shoot off a confetti cannon while squealing “weeeee!” it would be Freut Cake. Prepare yourself for a lifestyle color-fest of all things food, DIY, and entertaining. Ever wanted to learn how to make your own churros? Done. Need some ideas on what to wear to that theme party? Easy. Leah’s cheerful personality and charming photos will have you checking back for more lady-like inspiration and how-tos on the daily.

Photos Courtesy of Leah Bergman.
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NJ in LA

Whether you’ve met Natalie in person or just enjoy clicking through her tweets, you know this girl is one feisty, fourth-generation Mexican American Angeleno reppin’ some serious SGV pride. We love her site for the coverage of the local food scene, her travel bites and the style/music that’s happening around all of it. Her soon-to-launch project “Eating With Rappers” has got us giddy, and we always look forward to her interviews with the hip-hop elite at their favorite food joints.

Photos Courtesy of Natalie James.
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Backyard Bite

If there is a food event happening in Los Angeles, you best believe Amy Shuster is on the scene. That new bistro you’ve been meaning to get to? Yup, she’s been there and ready to tell you how lovely it is. Seriously — forget all those negative Yelp reviewers; Backyard Bite is a positive place focusing on the strengths of small independent food “gems” around town and has encouraged us to explore this fine city of eats. We suggest you let Amy lead the way.

Photos Courtesy of Amy Shuster.
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The Beeroness

Why cook with wine when you can make a stout-glazed, roasted chicken…or pasta with a Hefeweizen marinara? Yeah, we are talking brew-based food here. We’re also talking about some seriously amazing recipes. Between Jackie Dodd's online ale arsenal and her cookbook coming out this fall, this blogger is going to turn your kitchen on its head by helping you explore the complex flavors of beer. We’ll cheers to that!

Photos Courtesy of Jackie Dodd.
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The Shiksa in the Kitchen

Flooded with a fascination of food and the culture behind it, Tori Avey started her blog as a means to explore Jewish cuisine and the food-story behind her husband’s family. The site offers kosher recipes, tips for navigating the kitchen and a peek into her worldly travels. Love to geek over food facts? Tori has your queries covered on her second blog, The History Kitchen, where you can learn to enjoy flavors from the past. Now, that’s some tasty time traveling!

Photos Courtesy of Tori Avey.
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What's Gaby Cooking

There are days (weeks, really) when we’re at a total loss of what to make for dinner and Gaby’s recipe index is our saving grace, full of healthy California casual recipes that will keep your plate feeling far from mundane. Bonkers for avocados? Gaby’s got you covered with a newly launched cookbook featuring over 80 recipes guaranteed to curb your cravings. Guac ‘n Roll!

Photos courtesy of Gaby Dalkin.