3 Easy Hairstyles For Girls With Curls

Gals with naturally curly locks either love or hate their tresses, but one thing's for certain: Everyone else loves those voluminous tendrils. If you're among the lucky, we're giving you even more of a reason to be the envy of the office. We tapped pro stylist Brittany Brudzinski, of Maxine Salon, to show you how to execute three inspiring (and easy!) ways to wear your gorgeous mane on those days when you're not in the mood to go au naturel.
The best part? These swept-up looks won't be sticking to your neck on those humid Chicago summer days. So, go on — it's time to show off what your mama gave you.
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Sure, curly tresses are gorgeous on their own. But, these three looks will help you beat the summer heat without having to resort to the classic ponytail.

Model: Kathryn Cesarz of Factor Models.
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When you're blessed with curly locks, "you don't need a lot of product," says Brudzinski. "Just something to keep the frizziness at bay." All of these products are great picks depending upon the texture of your hair.

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Look 1: The Faux-Bob
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Part the hair into three sections.
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Tightly twist the hair from the middle section.
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Coil your twist and pin it to the scalp with bobby pins. "Don't overthink this step," says Brudzinski. "You are simply creating an anchor for the rest of the bobby pins in the steps to follow."
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When you are finished pinning the coil, it should resemble something like this.
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Let the hair down from the two sides and make a low, loose ponytail. Make sure it's casual so that the layers are naturally falling around your face.
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Tuck the ponytail under and pin along the base of the scalp with bobby pins.
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Take the two side layers down and repeat the tuck-under, pinning process.
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Use a hair pick to gently lift the hair at the roots to give it a bit more volume.
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Who said gals with curly locks can't rock a sexy bob?
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Look 2: The Faux-Hawk
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Part hair at the parietal ridge (the top) on your head. Pin to get the hair out of the way. You'll come back to this hair later on.
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Make a ponytail in the back, making sure to leave out a section of hair on each side of the head.
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Make a French braid on each side of the head with the hair that is sectioned out. "If you don't know how to French braid, you can make tight twists instead," says Brudzinski.
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At this point, you should have two braids (one on each side) and a high ponytail that's pinned up and out of the way.
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Gently pull the braids so that they are looser and appear larger in size. This gives the hair a thicker effect.
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Coil and pin the two side braids to the scalp with bobby pins. Don't overthink this step. "You will probably never pin it the same way twice," says Brudzinski.
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When you're finished pinning the two braids, it should look something like this.
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Unpin the hair from the top. Start tying the hair into loose knots using small sections of hair — about three total. This is what is going to create the faux-hawk effect.
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This is what the tying of the sections should look like.
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How many sections you create depends upon the thickness and length of your hair.
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Once you've completed tying the sections of hair, pin them into place to create the faux-hawk look that best suits you.
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The look from the back.
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And the final look from the front! How's that for a creative approach to the traditional updo? We say, this look is music-fest worthy!
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Look 3: Twist and Pin
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Starting at the top of the head, make random twists.
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Coil each twist and pin to the scalp.
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There is no right or wrong way to do this step, but this is roughly what your hair should look like in the beginning stages.
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At this point, about a third of the scalp is complete. The amount of twists you create depends upon the length and thickness of your hair.
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The top sides and center are now complete.
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At this stage, you are just finishing up the bottom section of hair closest to the nape of the neck.
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Use as many pins as you feel necessary to secure the style.
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Almost finished! Don't be afraid to leave a few loose pieces hanging out for a more natural appearance.
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The finished style from the back. It looks like it took hours, but it actually only takes minutes.
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You'd never guess there's such a gorgeous updo in the back!