15 Alternative Engagement Rings For Your Off-The-Market Moment

We all know what a traditional engagement ring looks like: a diamond bauble, forever associated with commercials and teary proposals. But in today's era of Pinterest-inspired, Etsy-supplied nuptials, it's more acceptable than ever to go the alternative route — ring included! Whether you're simply daydreaming or doing research for your significant other, you can bet these are the most amazing, unconventional options out there. So go ahead, bookmark this page, and be the coolest bride ever.
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Bario Neal Kalmia Ring, $2,052, available at Bario Neal.
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Yayoi Forest Lucky Seven Diamond Ring, $620, available at Catbird.
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Blanca Monros Gomez Dainty Stacking Diamond Bar Ring, $410, available at Steven Alan.
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Andy Lifschutz Miss Harriet Brown Ring, $170, available at Andy Lifschutz.
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Artemer Trillion Diamond Ring, $720, available at Artemer.
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Monica Vinader Siren Ring, $187.50, available at Monica Vinader.
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Mociun Mini Circle Ring, $230, available at Mociun.
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Jane Pope Jewelry Slate Ring, $340 to $850, available at Jane Pope Jewelry.
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Rachel Pfeffer Blue Drusy Ring With Hearts, $114, available at Rachel Pfeffer.
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Lucifer Vir Honestus Organic Diamond Ring, $1,910, available at Barneys New York.
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Poppy Metals Lightly Bound Ring, $165, available at Poppy Metals.
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Nora Kogan Eros Ring, $2,672, available at Nora Kogan.
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In God We Trust Diamond Point Rings, $100 to $240, available at In God We Trust.
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Rosanne Pugliese Diamond Serpent Ring, $1750, available at Twist.
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Roost Citrine Matte Vermeil Ring, $65, available at Bird.